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No. sentence
1 A series silane grafted polyethylenes were prepared by using the twin screw extruder.
2 He wounded his arm while using the knife.
3 Tethering — the ability for your computer to surf the web using your smartphone as a wireless modem — is not officially available for AT&T iPhone customers.
4 If you notice, we went deeper and deeper into the problem, using the same method over and over until we reached something that was new, an "endpoint".
5 haptic" refers to the process of touching and the way in which we communicate by touch, particularly by using our fingers and hands to explore our surroundings.
6 Other ideas include building a detector to see if the spin of an atomic nucleus can be measured, or using the technique as an ultrasensitive antenna.
7 you worked with any of the vendors mentioned in this article, or are you using other solutions?
8 you worked with any of the vendors mentioned in this article, or are you using other solutions? Let us know!
9 You do not suggest using it?
10 This would allow customers using multiple tools built by different parts of IBM to have a more integrated experience as they switched from one tool to another.
11 Researchers have tossed around theoretical calculations of using just aluminum and water for rocket propellant in the past.
12 The cable would connect with some point on Earth located at the equator, and would allow mass to be transferred to orbit using electricity instead of rocket fuel.
13 After that, a layer of nickel was electrodeposited on the opal, which was then etched away. The porosity of the nickel layer was then increased using electropolishing.
14 Find an event nearest you using their map and listing.
15 Using macros like this significantly reduces typing because you do not have to constantly be writing and rewriting variable bindings, derivations, and parameter passing.
16 For the test scenario, "stock broker" was an IBM T42 laptop, with 2gb RAM, using Windows XP SP 2.
17 For example, the analyst gathers roles, tasks, sequence information, resources, data, narratives, requirements, and so on using appropriate tools and uses them as input to construct the BP model.
18 But I'm not Chris, I'm that girl Susan, using my memory, and his diary I found after one year since he left, writing down these last words.
19 This beer has been brewed using traditional methods.
20 You arrived at your conclusion using the methods of formal logic.
21 This is a step beyond using static recorded tests, because it allows tests to select different variable values for each execution.
22 So far, we have focused on how developers can save time and money by using static analysis, but what about your customers?
23 Using this console module, you can define the delivery of static and dynamic content for each module separately.
24 For example, if you are using dynamic views, fragments and models can be changed by other users while you have the model loaded into memory.
25 This paper defined the matrix of fuzzy characteristics of sonar images based on the theory of fuzzing mathematics, and enhanced the image by using the sine fuzzy function.
26 disposed the extracted characteristics, and judged the technical state of engine using the method of fuzzing mathematics, via measuring the key characteristics parameters of engine.
27 Pilling Tester RPT, using a UPC-1 controller, determines the pilling and fuzzing characteristics of textile fabrics.
28 The practice caught on elsewhere, helping the farmers of the basin to get through the recent long drought using far less water than before yet with no reduction in output.
29 Dont you know that little girls arent supposed to come into the bathroom when a little boy is using it!? I hollered.
30 If a test marginally passes, but some things dont fully work, you can say 70% pass, 30% fail by using the weight sliders.