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No. sentence
1 It USES any comment data stored in the node object to theme the content fragments required before storing these back in the node object.
2 Yet the very diversity of its USES highlights one of the barriers to the development of the technology: they all have to be put together in a bespoke fashion.
3 For example, the analyst gathers roles, tasks, sequence information, resources, data, narratives, requirements, and so on using appropriate tools and uses them as input to construct the BP model.
4 Surviving on the scant rain that falls on the high desert, the surrounding natural scrubland USES far less water. The scrubland, shown in the upper left corner of the image, is tan and pale blue.
5 In instant messenger and E-mail conversations, Wu explains how he USES a method known as "fuzzing" to harvest those bugs.
6 Instead, it USES signals.
7 Its hallmarks are pragmatism, opportunism and an ambivalent attitude towards the USES of violence.
8 It also USES readings, vignettes, animation and interactive exercises to help patients deal with factors that interfere with sleep.
9 This not only provides you with another form of visualization, it also USES a formal, technical model underneath.
10 client then uses this short name to start the file transfer for sending your application to the server system.
11 It is not enough to give us the firm beliefs which we need to resist an enemy who USES propaganda as one of his main weapons not only in the most blatant but also in the most subtle forms.
12 funny cunning runner USES his gum gun before sunrise or after sunset.
13 This article USES some of these techniques to tackle the namespace prefixes within attribute values.
14 Just as with LEGOs, the fact that everyone USES one compatible size means your designs can be Shared with anyone who USES the library, no matter where they use it.
15 Given a language, define a representation for its grammar along with an interpreter that USES the representation to interpret sentences in the language.
16 This function takes a 32-bit integer from the request, and USES it in an arithmetic operation that calculates the size of a dynamic buffer.
17 The interface USES the schema describing the entity record and any other parameters.
18 As mentioned above, this problem USES an existing collaboration.
19 This uses only one lock and keeps others from interfering with the updates, but it does reduce concurrency of the data to other users.
20 Now you have the overall font and sizing, but a paragraph in the middle USES a different font and alignment.
21 These are network-situational-awareness systems for dismounted units, complete with a helmet-mounted display screen that uses GPS digital-mapping-display technology, Fuller said.
22 Typically, the team USES planning poker to allocate story points to each story and then compare these to the team's velocity in order to plan the project.
23 The heart is colored with strawberry jam and the arrow USES cocoa powder.
24 What if the code we have uses a concrete class in its implementation?
25 by the microprocessor and computerstorage have multiplied the uses of the modern typewriter.
26 USES the heat from waste gases produced in the kiln during the cement-making process both to dry the cement and to heat water in a boiler that drives a turbine to produce electricity.
27 Southern grandmas made this home-style favorite with cream, but this more healthful version uses canned evaporated skimmed milk to create the same wonderful flavor.
28 But while it looks like he has sprouted legs, this angler fish's limbs are just the fins he USES to balance himself on the sea bed.
29 This is especially true of corn ethanol: even on optimistic estimates, producing a gallon of ethanol from corn uses most of the energy the gallon contains.
30 For breakfast, she used to have a hot dog in a sandwich but now USES processed cheese instead.