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1 The way these hacktivists work to develop and distribute resembles the anarchist ideals, especially when it comes to preserving users' privacy from state surveillance.
2 The requirements were not changed for 2018, and thus are currently at: In February 2019, TechCrunch reported the Air Canada mobile app in the iOS App Store was using the Glassbox session-replay functionality to record users' activities without the users' informed consent, compromising users' privacy and contravening the rules of the iOS App Store.
3 During the bankruptcy proceedings, Cummings, seeking to protect users' privacy, complained to the Privacy Division of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a Federal Regulatory Agency, who warned the investors;
4 the xy.com profile data and XY mailing addresses were ordered destroyed to protect users' privacy (more below).
5 In March 2011, a former Gmail user in Texas sued Google, claiming that its Gmail service violates users' privacy by scanning e-mail messages to serve relevant ads.