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No. sentence
1 Your users get all this as a result of good packaging, publishing, and versioning of your project.
2 Such technology could allow users to command a computer without touching it.
3 This layer should make the multipath solution transparent to users by showing them only one device and path.
4 We are yet to test this design with users.
5 By adding code to manage query caches for multiple users at the same time in a single process, the process need not be suspended, but can be switched to perform work for another user.
6 This is perhaps one of the product's most useful features, ensuring that users are informed of what is happening at every step of the application launch procedure.
7 In other words, it's sort of like a digital magazine that highlights certain apps for users.
8 In other ways, like the number of users right now or the risk of spam, not so much.
9 Having increased our manufacturing facilities, we are advertising to obtain more users.
10 First, the business analyst arranges an interview with stakeholders and users of the system.
11 However, the information captured so far provides only a static view of the system context, represented through the users, roles, channels, and external systems.
12 For example, if you are using dynamic views, fragments and models can be changed by other users while you have the model loaded into memory.
13 Another common concern for users of dynamic analysis tools is knowing if they invoked the majority of actions in the applications.
14 If they push too hard for revenue in the short term, they might drive away users, undermining a network.
15 Migration of mapping document: Users need to migrate their DAD to annotated XML schema in order to use the new functions.
16 This automated process will save time and provides the flexibility to the application users to migrate their artifacts on their own schedule.
17 Use cases engage users in the requirements process and allow them to communicate clearly with the testers as to whether the solution is on - or off-target.
18 However, the actual work of designing accessible products for target users is still the responsibility of project team designers, developers, testers, and others in hands-on roles.
19 These testers can be select users or developers who are not part of the final SOA design.
20 This means that end users in one department can access and use the data in a data mart in another department.
21 When you upgrade the applications and operating systems on your servers, you upgrade all the components for all users in one effort.
22 A combination of friend-finder, city guide and competitive bar game, Foursquare lets users “check in” with a cellphone at a bar, restaurant or art gallery.
23 If the simple and easy adapter pattern will work for most users, when will it not be appropriate?
24 You can establish different quotas for different categories of users.
25 Warfighters, end users and operators submit their requirements, but these are boiled down to rigid specifications in the acquisition process.
26 DE Raadt published the email to a Gmane newsgroup, inviting the users of the IPsec code to audit it in order to find out if the allegations are true.
27 Because you're using the cloud version of your application, you can delete and restore your database without any users complaining.
28 software should protect the users from themselves.
29 To get around this problem, you could restart the service that owns the log file, although this service interruption might cause a rebellion among your users.
30 If you want to distinguish users who execute SQL, you can create a separate group, such as a group for users in accounting and one for users in engineering.