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1 This is perhaps one of the product's most useful features, ensuring that users are informed of what is happening at every step of the application launch procedure.
2 My view is that as scientists, we can provide useful information, but we need to be clear about its limitations and strive to improve information for the future.
3 the wake of this failure, will the WTO remain useful enough to the big powers to retain their support and patronage?
4 One useful change would be for regulators to make it clear to trustees of foundations and pension funds that “social-impact investments” are a legitimate asset class, says Sir Ronald.
5 They both have useful perspectives and appropriate techniques.
6 Tom Christiansen posted a list of one-liners on Usenet years ago, and that list is still interesting and useful for any Perl programmer.
7 Often, they are not technical people, so explanations of the tests and the results are useful.
8 Using the remote pipe method, though, is useful when the information or command that you want to pipe with is remote.
9 Whether it's using a local recycle centre or a council-provided green bin, it's never been easier to get your household waste processed back into useful raw materials.
10 This can be useful in those critical situations where you need to at least temporarily fix an urgent SQL problem but cannot wait for a fix from a vendor or developer.
11 Current spelling correction modules would be unable to provide a useful link for this case.
12 Its second job, once an expression has been deemed valid, is to break the input stream into its component pieces and deliver those to you in some useful fashion.
13 This accident affords us a useful lesson.
14 Engineers have tried using steam, acids and enzymes to break cellulose into useful sugars.
15 There are also the opportunity costs: what cures for disease, what other useful discoveries might we never know of, because a habitat is destroyed forever, or land is polluted beyond all use?
16 Group chat is slightly less common a need than IM, and is less useful for informal access in your daily workflows. But for certain use cases, only group chat will do.
17 Finally, you will create a command-line application that produces some useful reports on this data, showing a list of states, regions, or countries in the order of highest to lowest population.
18 And you might ask yourself, why should an argument that has a false conclusion be an useful argument. Mind at good argument.
19 is the practice as useful as its advocates claim, or is the popular suspicion that it leads to cut corners and dismal service correct?
20 File systems in this state are useful to evaluate but are not yet ready for production environments.
21 Do not idle about like this and do something useful.
22 of the biggest expressions of open source culture is Wikipedia, perhaps the most comprehensive and useful encyclopedia ever created.
23 If you wish to define your events at a higher level and let the sender use it for different purposes, specifying a recipient list for every post attempt might be useful.
24 Eat before you go. This was by far the most popular tip, and probably the most useful. Fill up on healthy foods at home.
25 But that takes energy - and why spend that energy when this "rubbish" can be turned into something useful in its present form?
26 site map is useful to facilitate deep crawling so that crawlers can easily visit and index pages deeply embedded within the site.
27 However, the value returned is probably not finely grained enough to be useful.
28 Pesticide-free wildflower havens, adds Buchmann, would also bolster populations of useful insects such as blue orchard bees—an extremely effective pollinator of almonds in California.
29 I have not, as Kant enjoined, regarded each man as an end in himself, but as material that might be useful to me as a writer.
30 So it seems that light swearing can be useful, even in a relatively formal situation like a lecture.