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No. sentence
1 He used me worse than ever.
2 They used the closely nibbled smooth green spaces as their pitch , the wooden barred gate of the sheep pen as their wicket and the crooks made from willow branches as their bats.
3 This was simply used to slowly tear the flesh from its victim, often times all the way down to the bone.
4 Some common fruit trees such as sweet cherries and McIntosh apples have to be grafted. Grafting is also used to produce seedless fruits like navel oranges and seedless watermelons.
5 If you used a paring knife, remove it and push the core through the bottom of the apple with your fingers.
6 The details of each target, including the knife used, it's all still so fresh in my mind.
7 father then used his authority of being father and snatched the knife.
8 Faraday used no mathematics at all to prove his rule.
9 The port can be used for trickle charging as well as for modem tethering to a computer.
10 He used to habituate the dirty bars during those days in Europe.
11 Because this example focuses on publishing, these two methods are not used by the example client; however, skeletal implementations are required for successful code compilation.
12 Money, after all, can neither be eaten nor used up in production.
13 Researchers can precisely control the antenna's shape and size and therefore how it can be used for communication.
14 Peck interviewed the representative via instant message, contacting an account he said they used to send out the tweets and later deleted.
15 For date fields, you can also specify whether the date should be past or future as used above.
16 We only have one used device, with the other set as faulty.
17 Each of these variants is used depending on the device characteristics.
18 Although the concept of use cases has been around for more than twenty years, many software practitioners have never actually used them or even been exposed to them.
19 Switched disk can be used with any type of storage and switches the IASP between partitions on the same CEC.
20 three bedrooms have wall-mounted heaters, which are used only when the rooms are occupied, and switched off at night.
21 method used by RFIDIC realizes this as part of the conditions that can be expressed inside disclosure policy rules that filter out unwanted result objects.
22 The company claims it has used experience gained in fields such as rocket engine manufacturing, nanotechnology and particle physics to have created the new blade.
23 Moscow however wanted control over the eastern sector of Nato's missile defence systems and a written pledge that the system will never be used against Russia.
24 While you still do this to maintain a simple reference of the current filters, these settings are only actually used at application launch.
25 From previous studies, it's known that SP causes inflammation and is used by the brain's neurons to help send white blood cells to injured areas of the body.
26 Until recently, the official treatment policy for malaria was sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (sp). Chloroquine, however, is still widely used despite significant drug resistance.
27 Other species (Bruguiera gymnorhiza and Ceriops sp.) are also used but in smaller quantities.
28 People from different classes used to mix very little.
29 These dynamic and static models could be used to derive all the read methods too, if we went through every permutation that you enumerated in your analysis.
30 Photographer Mitsuaki Iwago used a low angle and the body of the Maasai tribesman to add drama to this photograph.