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No. sentence
1 We will go into more technical detail of these headers and their usage in the next section of this article.
2 nutshell, real time usage tracking enables companies to value their products and services much more efficiently.
3 The second part of the lexicon consisted of 13,060 characters and their frequency of usage (Tsai, 1996b). Character frequency was used in the last ambiguity resolution rule.
4 Teachers should know English grammar and usage.
5 The first is the lure usage.
6 model needs to maintain several pieces of information about each lure, including price, configuration, availability, shipping region, and usage.
7 Portal technology platforms should collect the information that represents their usage and performance.
8 Listing 1 shows an example of its usage along with some example output.
9 A danger of this organization template is that the respective community needs may be lost or misunderstood if asset producers lose or do not understand the asset usage context.
10 the grammar may seem contorted, and the usage may be unfamiliar, but you get the picture immediately.
11 Creation and usage of Shared context.
12 This is not only faster because of the reduced bandwidth usage, but also faster because the stored procedure can be precompiled.
13 To limit usage, you grant permissions for users of specify virtual portals to the desired Shared resource or resources.
14 You can depict all features, usage, and tips of your product via the welcome page.
15 usage of these stored procedures by each banking application is illustrated in Figure 1.
16 For example, during peak hours of your application usage you can track the request count for your application.
17 High performances of modern composites have made them ideal alternatives to metals, as landmarked by the usage of them in Boeing 787 Dreamliners and Airbus A350.
18 this is line 679: Why should you be so cruel to yourself, and to those dainty limbs which nature lent For gentle usage and soft delicacy?
19 Unless you can convince them otherwise, your customers must be able to upgrade the product data and usage easily from the previous version.
20 At this time, learners have not grasped the basic usage, therefore are still in the basic stage of language learning.
21 Autogenous welds are commonly used to evaluate corrosion rates of welded materials and the usage of these materials in corrosive environments.
22 If a memory leak is present in your application, the heap memory usage steadily increases over time.
23 Lease or License model refers to the revenue model that would be common amongst larger business partners who would require large volumes of usage and expect a more customized agreement.
24 For performance reasons or when diagnosing a problem that you suspect might be swap space related, you often need a more interactive view of the memory and paging usage.
25 Deprecated usage of table hints without with keyword.
26 Health Center collects comprehensive method profiles with an extremely low overhead, highlights contended locks, analyzes garbage collection and heap usage, and visualizes class loading activity.
27 In some places, this translates to awkwardness when it is used as a standalone programming API, but this is the usage focused on in this discussion.
28 By gathering system usage information from all the people involved, we can reconstruct the sequence of processing at the business level.
29 After you connect to most such networks and try to view a page, your browser is redirected to a "splash" page for logging in or accepting usage terms.
30 The Membership or Subscription model refers to the revenue model that pertains to an established user account with specific terms for usage.