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1 As seen by anarchists, squatting is a way to regain urban space from the capitalist market, serving pragmatical needs and also being an exemplary direct action.
2 Also called the Cherry Blossom Festival, students eat strawberries on the lawn.[1] Seven KAIST Institutes (KIs) have been set up: the KI for the BioCentury, the KI for Information Technology Convergence, the KI for the Design of Complex Systems, the KI for Entertainment Engineering, the KI for the NanoCentury, the KI for Eco-Energy, and the KI for Urban Space and Systems.
3 The Hunger Plan outlined how entire urban populations of conquered territories was to be starved to death, thus creating an agricultural surplus to feed Germany and urban space for the German upper class.
4 The theory of urban gentrification derives from the work of human geographer Neil Smith, explaining gentrification as an economic process consequent to the fluctuating relationships among capital investments and the production of urban space.
5 He asserts that restructuring of urban space is the visual component of a larger social, economic, and spatial restructuring of the contemporary capitalist economy.
6 Yet the link between designed urban space and human mind appears to be bidirectional.
7 Rossi also proposed a 'collage metaphor' to understand the collection of new and old forms within the same urban space.
8 Hayden’s writing says, “when women, men and children of all classes and races can identify the public domain as the place where they feel most comfortable as citizens, Americans will finally have homelike urban space.” Educational Urbanism is an emerging discipline, at the crossroads of urban planning, educational planning and pedagogy.
9 As early as the time of Augustus, a public basilica for transacting business had been part of any settlement that considered itself a city, used in the same way as the late medieval covered market houses of northern Europe, where the meeting room, for lack of urban space, was set above the arcades, however.
10 The building was recognized in 1968 by Architectural Record as "a new kind of urban space".
11 As early as the time of Augustus, a public basilica for transacting business had been part of any settlement that considered itself a city, used in the same way as the covered market houses of late medieval northern Europe, where the meeting room, for lack of urban space, was set above the arcades, however.
12 SI engaged in a play-form that was also practiced by its predecessor organization, the Lettrist International, the art of wandering through urban space, which they termed dérive, whose unique mood is conveyed in Debord's darkly romantic meaning of palindrome.
13 The civility laws, originating in the late 1980s and early 1990s, provide an example of the usage of this latter aspect of the Broken Windows Theory as legitimization for discriminating against individuals considered disorderly in order to increase the sense of security in urban spaces.
14 Individuals are deemed undesirable in urban space because they do not fit into social norms, which causes unease for many residents of certain neighborhoods.
15 These new techniques involve even more intense attempts to spatially expel certain individuals from urban space since the police are entrusted with considerably more power to investigate individuals, based on suspicion rather than on definite evidence of illicit actions.
16 The building was recognized in 1968 by the Architectural Record as "a new kind of urban space".
17 The French sociologist Henri Lefebvre studied urban space and Foucault's interpretation of the panopticon prison, arriving at the conclusion that spatiality is a social phenomenon.
18 Sinclair drew on this tradition combined with his own explorations as a way of criticising modern developments of urban space in such key texts as Lights Out for the Territory.
19 Parkour is an activity that can be practiced alone or with others and is usually carried out in urban spaces, though it can be done anywhere.
20 A study by Neuropsychiatrie de l'Enfance et de l'Adolescence (Neuropsychiatry of Childhood and Adolescence) in France found traceurs seek more excitement and leadership situations than gymnasts do. Academic research on parkour has tended to describe how parkour provides a novel way of interacting with the urban environment that challenges the use and meaning of urban space, metropolitan life, and embodiment.
21 The next year, Architecture magazine commended the square as a new form of urban space with great presence ... pushes the limits of invention and originality.
22 As the comparatively poor improvements in pedestrian safety have become a concern at OECD level, the Joint Transport Research Centre of OECD and the International Transport Forum (JTRC) convened an international expert group and published a report entitled ”Pedestrian Safety, Urban Space and Health in 2012”. According to BITRE/Australia agency changes in growth in population, vehicle registration, and estimated vehicle kilometres travelled have various impact on death trend from OECD countries.
23 The area is 73% under conservation with 18% in urban space.
24 Competition was created by groups fighting for urban resources, like land, which led to a division of urban space into ecological niches.
25 Competition for land and resources within cities eventually leads to separation of urban space into zones with the more desirable zones imposing higher rent.
26 this marked a first for the development process in Canada, in that a bank, rather than creating its head office alone, had aligned itself with real estate interests and the city to influence urban space.
27 Barrios were built over centuries of sociocultural interaction within urban space.