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1 Cats, dogs, and humans walking near a mockingbird nest, usually in urban and suburban areas, can expect a close encounter with an angry parent and even a sharp peck.
2 Two-thirds of its residents are formerly homeless people, whose rent is paid by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development.
3 an Internet newsgroup devoted to urban legends like the one about Walt Disney's body being cryogenically frozen after his death.
4 Venice is heaven, or as close to it as urban life can get.
5 Therefore, study how to enhance urban radiation of Chuxiong as regional central city has important theoretical and practical significance.
6 Chuxiong news combined with Chuxiong state human resources and Social Security Bureau of Chuxiong urban and rural residents basic medical insurance Interim Measures authoritative interpretation.
7 There are many problems in the former urban developing planning outline, in which, it was suggested that Zhaotong City should become a coal industrial center.
8 But in countries that have opened themselves up, families can rely on other sorts of protection, such as urban jobs or trade.
9 in dull, sprawling places with good schools, of the sort ridiculed by Hollywood and detested by urban planners, that America comes together.
10 All we see is the spectacular moment of collapse, what film directors call the wide shot, showing the towers in their urban setting, before, during and after their fall.
11 He prized the civilised pursuits-literature, science and music-that flourished in an urban environment and regarded tribesmen as "stupid peasants".
12 Such gap exists in almost all countries, due to the differences between urban and rural environments.
13 VANCOUVER, British Columbia - in this urban oasis widely considered one of the most livable places in the world, the Downtown Eastside is about 15 square blocks of something else.
14 The expressway rounded about the urban district.
15 dangers of this approach became evident in 1999, with an explosion of anger across urban China about the accidental bombing of China's embassy in Belgrade by American warplanes.
16 The main applications are in urban infrastructure construction and in quarries.
17 Environmental awareness of urban residents in establishing environmental management theory and grasp the situation of the citys environmental awareness is significant.
18 With the urban construction, the continuous construction and development of new parks, the citys traditional model of comprehensive park facing an unprecedented crisis.
19 Vertical planting can not occupy urban land, and increase in the rate of urban greening, adjusted on the worsening citys ecological environment.
20 and I were standing on an urban street chatting, while his son headed away from him up the pavement - fast.
21 When I was growing up in Chicago, my parents did what they could to enrich my urban experience by getting me out into nature from time to time.
22 The availability of doctors and nurses is limited by a lack of training colleges in states with the greatest need as well as the reluctance of professionals from urban areas to work in rural areas.
23 A dozen student teams this year entered urban concept cars in the contest.
24 In terms of urban architecture, the river plays no role at all.
25 Instead, there were tight pants and a cropped sweater with a scribble of urban graffiti, while garter belts and hose showed a flash of thigh under perky little dresses.
26 The three other big Texas cities have become the Rodney Dangerfields of urban America--largely disdained despite their prodigious growth and increasingly vibrant urban cores.
27 In urban areas, the words "locally grown" conjure images of affluent shoppers in pricey farmers' markets.
28 sheer scale and speed of the current urban expansion make it unlike any of the big changes that have punctuated urban history.
29 Its proper use is among huddled comrades, gathered in a sacramental hush in park or field, on the beach, in the wilderness, or the enfolding darkness of an urban den.
30 According to Urban Legends, deep Fried canaries were the hangover cure of choice for the Ancient Romans.