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No. sentence
1 When this feature is enabled, a query for test will find matches with test, test, and any other combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, as long as the spelling is the same.
2 They simply convert the string to all uppercase or all lowercase letters, respectively.
3 Names of macros and constants are conventionally in uppercase.
4 Keys of the row array should not be uppercase, as this format usually generates a server error and row insertion fails.
5 DON'T USE UPPERCASE. People don't want to feel like you're shouting at them, and on the internet, uppercase is the equilavent of yelling.
6 UCASE, or upper UCASE (p.description) Returns a character string in which all alphabetical characters in the input value have been converted to uppercase.
7 Whereas previously tags and attributes could be written in uppercase, lowercase, or any combination thereof, a valid XHTML 1.0 document required all tags and attributes to be lowercase.
8 These markers could have any name and may not be in all uppercase characters.
9 you can type the shortcut letter in uppercase for the name of the option that you want to select.
10 As you can see that method converted the string to uppercase.
11 As you can see, we added a filter to change the name field to all uppercase and another to strip out everything from the age that isn't digits.
12 exception that one of the listeners converts the input string to uppercase, while the second converts the string to lowercase, the code for the listeners is exactly the same.
13 Convert all values using the uppercase conversion.
14 In Listing 2, notice the many sets of lowercase and uppercase characters.
15 I recommend at LEAST a mixture of Numbers, lowercase letters, and uppercase letters.
16 Use full UPPERCASE for all objects, including the queue manager, to prevent portability issues in heterogeneous environments.
17 To illustrate the technique, I'll write a function that takes the address of an ASCII character, loads it, converts it to uppercase, and stores it back.
18 The test links to two functions that print the message again: the first time in all uppercase characters and then again in lowercase characters.
19 The second parameter is the input string that either converts to uppercase or lowercase characters.
20 Making sure your password is of a certain length (eight or more characters) and contains uppercase letters, Numbers, and special characters — like!
21 At this point, you may also edit the mappings and apply any required transformations on the data (for example, converting strings to uppercase).
22 They also evolved the typography to uppercase, incorporated Joe Biden's name and added a white line around the mark.
23 server runs the script, changing the data bound to the field to uppercase.
24 The first is a simple one that makes the blog entry title uppercase.
25 Using uppercase avoids confusion with the number 1.
26 Constants - final static fields and occasionally final local variables - are written in all uppercase with underscores separating the words, as in MAX_CONNECTIONS.
27 In this example, it converts the first character of the name to uppercase, and the remaining characters to lowercase, and then USES that modified string as the new name value.
28 You can write options in uppercase, lowercase, or mixed case.
29 locale name is constructed from a two-letter lowercase ISO country code, optionally followed by an underscore or hyphen and a two-letter uppercase ISO language code.
30 Notice that the data type name and the properties are all converted to uppercase in the WSDL file.