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No. sentence
1 If your shoulders and upper back are collapsing into your neck, you need further practice to build your foundation.
2 Surviving on the scant rain that falls on the high desert, the surrounding natural scrubland USES far less water. The scrubland, shown in the upper left corner of the image, is tan and pale blue.
3 of One remained a nurturing, matriarchal spiritual culture, while the Aryan grew into a powerful military corporate society, dominated by the upper class.
4 For hundreds of years the French have ridiculed our food, scoffed at our culture and mocked our stiff upper lip.
5 Bracket: it gets two pivots to contact upper support plate, mid-support plate and lower support plate and fix the distance 25mm.
6 Case studies included the monitoring of the central wing and outer panel jointing area, the upper and lower pivots of main landing gears.
7 Sit up as straight as possible, shoulders back, one hand on your upper chest, the other on your abdomen just above waist.
8 This nerve travels from your neck down your upper arm, wrapping around the elbow joint on its way to the hand.
9 Yellowstone National Park's mile-long (1.6-kilometer-long) Upper Geyser Basin contains the world's greatest concentration of hot springs and geysers.
10 Maradona was speaking publicly for the first time since he was bitten on the upper lip by his pet dog.
11 also true that Bogdan is a bit chubby, and thus some of the weight of the spoons and other objects on his chest is actually resting on the upper part of his protruding stomach.
12 No matter how twisted and contorted your lower body may be, you must make sure to square up your upper body towards the basket.
13 The upper and lower halves of the village then struggle against each other – by any means necessary – to carry the ball some 225 yards back to their respective riverbanks.
14 Another BI system, recently deployed with promising results, features an electrostatic pad that presses against the offender's upper arm at all times, chemically "tasting" sweat for signs of alcohol.
15 At times he disappeared from view as clouds whipped past the top of the tower enveloping the upper levels.
16 Applying a waxy lip balm to your eyebrows or upper eyelids will create a waterproof barrier that keeps your sweat (and sunscreen) from dripping into your eyes.
17 In the upper right there is no encapsulation and high cohesion.
18 Thyme is an officially approved German treatment for coughs, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, and whooping cough, with good reason.
19 Other findings include subconjunctival hemorrhage, enophthalmos, hypoesthesia of the cheek and upper gum, subcutaneous emphysema, or a palpable step-off of the orbital rim.
20 Worn denim has many colour variations. Use your favorite shades of blue, especially for the top upper, which will be the most visible.
21 Perkins, who had been having tea with friends nearby, witnessed the tragedy from the pavement, watching young women leap to their deaths from the upper floors.
22 At the upper site is the heritage compound, where two large, stone-walled earth berms made to deter explosions separate three landmarked structures.
23 Nim went from a nice big bohemian, Upper West Side brownstone to a huge mansion in Riverdale that Columbia University owned in the Bronx, where he continues to be taught to use sign language.
24 Orbital cellulitis typically presents with fever and an erythematous, swollen, tender eyelid with a recent history of sinusitis or upper respiratory tract infection.
25 According to Brandt, what we notice when people age is the fact that their cheeks start dripping down, and they begin to lose volume in the upper face which causes sagging in the lower face.
26 YELLING dementedly, seven lawmakers mobbed the chairman of the Indian parliament's upper house on March 8th and tore at the document, containing the women's reservation bill, he was reading from.
27 I remember reading about the lavish but regimented lives of Lehman Brothers' upper echelon and thinking that this must be hell.
28 The motor that drives the robot's tail and a curved, girder-like stabilizer bar attach to the robot's upper body.
29 Aurorae are caused by the interaction between energetic charged particles from the sun and gas molecules in the upper atmosphere of the Earth.
30 trenches of the trenched isolation regions can include narrow bottom portions and upper wide portions over the bottom portions.