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No. sentence
1 This manipulation includes getting a certain file input stream from the document package, updating, inserting, or deleting a file stream, and other basic operations.
2 Manual updating of the raw converted form.
3 The content remains fresh as ever, updating itself by filtering in new contents every day.
4 Therefore, after updating the data model, you can guarantee that any category without books has been removed and any new category has been added.
5 The same goes for filing, checking voice mail, updating our calendars, checking our calendars, checking stats on stocks or web traffic, all of these tasks can and should be batched.
6 On the next page of the wizard, you can choose how you want to retrieve a particular employee record for updating (Figure 27).
7 Some garbage collection algorithms require significant cooperation from the compiler or runtime environment, such as updating reference counts whenever a pointer assignment is performed.
8 Because the world of computing isn't just about updating data, it's about abstractions.
9 When updating an application, only the portion of the application code that actually changed needs to be presented to the system.
10 And giving these stories sizes was difficult to say the least, since estimation is often difficult - will updating a lib on a server affect other seemingly unrelated areas?
11 After updating the system architecture diagram and the appropriate sequence diagram, she checks the files back in.
12 Still can lose furrow area flexibility and corneous layer to add thick cortex to depart additionally, this also can drive circumjacent skin to undertake updating.
13 If pessimistic session locking is used, it should generally only be used to block other users from updating; it should not block reads of the locked data.
14 effect of cultural inertia over time is that we as a community are much better at adding to our body of knowledge than we are at updating it.
15 typical technique to avoid multiple interruptions is to use one event for all updating on a page.
16 The system event for changing or updating a view is almost always (dare I say always?) a request from the user.
17 Updating the application on the node by synchronizing the configuration and restarting the stopped cluster members on that node.
18 There are several ways to address the problem of updating changed classes within an application without restarting, but all come with different problems.
19 Since these features are Shared between the products, updating them through the IIM for one product updates them for all the products.
20 This may affect some of the older PHP scripts, so before updating, make sure you fix any locations in which this functions exists.
21 He highlighted that Yahoo USES Hadoop to analyze every page click and optimizes rankings for content, updating the results every 7 minutes.
22 Flurry is seeing a trend that, to be honest, was surprising: only 10% of users are updating their applications after download.
23 Reading and updating customer records performed by the sales representative role.
24 When creating or updating Shared memory partitions profiles you can find the option to select the paging VIOS partitions in the memory configuration section.
25 Directory operations include storing new data in a directory, searching for and retrieving stored data, deleting unwanted data, updating obsolete data, and similar operations.
26 The explicit action of republishing the changes to the server saves the unnecessary time spent on updating the server when the application is not ready to be republished.
27 But as far it goes as I'm not sure we in the pro-REST community have a good general answer or design pattern for partially updating a resource.
28 After updating the selector in the runtime, you can optionally export the changes back to the development workbench using the export function in the administrative console.
29 Every game consists of a sequence of getting user input, updating the game state, handling AI, playing music and sound effects, and displaying the game.
30 Or does it only show the context menu without updating the selection?