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No. sentence
1 his hand, twisted free of the chain, and here he was running and crawling, until he was through a doorway.
2 Dutch pilot refused to take off for Amsterdam until technicians had checked the whole plane to make sure the mouse hadn't nibbled through any cables.
3 Until then, it's fascinating to peel open the map and poke around Africa to see who's doing what.
4 We talked until midnight and then separated.
5 The letter passed from one to another until everyone had read it.
6 Once one of them followed me until I gave him a dollar.
7 At each node, you answer the question and move on that branch, until you reach a leaf that answers yes or no.
8 We simplify by paring away the layers of something until we find the core.
9 Once that happens at year's end, you won't have this wonderful paring of energies again until 2022.
10 Until recently, the dates of such hearings were not announced in advance, nor were defence lawyers necessarily present.
11 If you notice, we went deeper and deeper into the problem, using the same method over and over until we reached something that was new, an "endpoint".
12 Between 1922 and 1927, when the warlords dominated the country, Dad taught school in Fanch 'eng and Peking, until chaotic conditions forced him to return to Canada.
13 Selective memory is great —until it comes back to bite you in the ass.
14 Rumors of a purchase had swirled through Dallas social circles for a year, but until now, Mrs. Bush firmly denied that her husband had purchased any Dallas land for post-presidency residence.
15 Work does not stop for the day until all the cattle are safely penned in.
16 But once a solid-fuel rocket is ignited, it is off like a firework and keeps going until all the fuel is burned up.
17 If not, we either continue until we reach those checkpoints or we close the project, saving time and money.
18 Until recently, the official treatment policy for malaria was sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (sp). Chloroquine, however, is still widely used despite significant drug resistance.
19 will only be available for a few more hours, then Chris will be shutting down signups again until the next round.
20 Until recently, the focus was all on "smell": that is, on how cells respond to chemical signals such as growth factors.
21 The team found that up until about 1800, sea levels actually fell owing to volcanic eruptions that periodically injected ash into the atmosphere, veiling the Sun and cooling the Earth.
22 First Nations living on a reserve could not vote in federal elections until 1960.
23 The public was at first ambivalent; but the more the president campaigned, the less popular the idea became, until the Republicans ran for cover, and reform died.
24 Cutting thecone at various angles gives you various shapes of ellipse. Until theangle of your cut exceeds the angle of the side of the cone.
25 This is seen as undermining the protocol agreement which took many years to build, and has until now been the cornerstone for committing all countries to cut their emissions.
26 Many institutions that most of us regard as the foundation stones of capitalism were not introduced until the mid-19th century, because they had been seen as undermining capitalism.
27 Until we see whether Mr. Bean gets through his holiday in one piece.
28 Each December, my mother would have to prod him weeks in advance to begin the Christmas message to his Army buddies, until he finally sat down with a notepad, as glum as a student in detention.
29 Spend less than you earn, go without until you have the money.
30 and his colleagues used a hidden stopwatch to time patients until they were finished talking, the average time was 92 seconds, although elderly patients tended to take longer.