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No. sentence
1 Now she is riddled with arthritis and can't walk a step unsupported; she can barely lift a spoon to her mouth.
2 Issues include problems such as, "Unsupported VBA syntax," "Deprecated commands," and other similar minor problems.
3 If the remote procedure returns an unsupported result set type, such as LOB or XML, the CALL returns error SQL3324N.
4 However, the action of the Japanese authorities was unsupported by other central Banks, which may weaken its effectiveness.
5 While the CCD target table does not automate the replication of data to unsupported target databases, it does expose the data for consumption by a user application.
6 If you are visually distracted and darting your eyes around the room, the listener is likely to feel unsupported and will feel your attention is somewhere else.
7 You might have an unsupported card or BIOS in the system.
8 If you are trying to export a model that contains any of these unsupported elements, they will be flagged as errors and must be corrected before exporting.
9 This accusation is unwarranted as well as unsupported in the author’s argument.
10 This means pretty much any feature you'd like on a cellphone is possible on Android—even the officially unsupported multitouch interaction—provided someone can write an app or extension for it.
11 It is convenient, if unsupported, and the compiler generates mostly compatible bytecode in a single pass.
12 Workaround #2: Alternatively you can try using the unsupported ‘local preference’: clearcacheonexit … true
13 As with the SAX and DOM factory classes, one exception handles requested — but unsupported — features, and another exception handles instantiation errors.
14 runtime component — an unsupported implementation is provided as part of the pattern — called the navigator, is now invoked.
15 That's the downside of using unsupported utilities.
16 Additionally, some hypervisors may not implement all API functions, which are then defined as unsupported within the specific driver.
17 Note that for such unsupported data sources, a reconnect will require both a user ID and a password.
18 This information also describes recommended, compatible, and unsupported configurations.
19 Although most of them are labeled "experimental" and therefore technically unsupported, they're still useful.
20 Many are for AIX and others are unsupported IBM utilities, but most AIX administrators use them all.
21 Test the new configuration for any syntax or unsupported character set errors.
22 Here are some examples of how you can handle unsupported language elements.
23 If this attribute has a values of unsupported it means one of the following.
24 The last unsupported XSD restriction you'll examine here is maxOccurs.
25 To do this, the WebSphere Portal development team provided an unsupported API that enabled access to the portlet's defined parameters from portlet.xml.
26 There are a few ways you can map the local-jndi-name element to WebSphere Application Server that are either unsupported or impractical.
27 Implementation of scheme depicted in Table 1, and an unsupported sample Perl script used when setting BMC firmware IP address.
28 If you create a repository or a business item using one of the unsupported data types, an error will appear in the error view.
29 This also makes it easy to disable certain things on legacy browsers or other unsupported mobile devices.
30 This is an experimental and unsupported option.