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1 To verify that a gene has indeed been under selection, biologists need to perform other tests, like comparing the selected and unselected forms of the gene to see how they differ.
2 Set the unselected font color as #293D6B using the color picker.
3 Set the unselected color to #C8D7E3 using the color picker.
4 For example, for "wrong" guesses, only the unselected box was opened, and the child was told to look inside " Aw, too bad."
5 And when the action is unselected, the filter is removed from Display, restoring the default drag-and-drop behavior of Editor and View tabs (meant for rearranging and tiling).
6 unselected font bold by clicking on the bold button.
7 Notice how GWT support is unselected for this first simple example.
8 Therefore, if the total number of guards is n, no ready guard will go unselected for more than n successive selection operations, in the worst case.
9 English will be selected by default and cannot be unselected.
10 Text, button text, titles, both selected and unselected.
11 One of unselected action used for hardware button.
12 Unselected groups will not be changed.
13 To be useful in managing unselected patients, they need a specific validation.
14 It included 6880 unselected patients, aged 65 and over, in 344 German primary care offices.
15 Background color for unselected text in the editing area.
16 This important conclusion is difficult to get from regional studies that often use unselected data for the model validation.
17 Objective: To investigate the nature and importance of blood glucose abnormalities in an unselected heart failure (HF) population.
18 Therefore, efficient screening tests are needed to identify the few uncovered patients also among unselected high-risk ambulatory patients with disorders potentially related to cortisol excess.
19 sure to delete the unselected email address files?
20 In highly complex scenes, it is sometimes necessary or desirable, but not ideal, to render only the bounding boxes of unselected objects.
21 We investigated the predictive value of PCT in an unselected population with suspected bloodstream infections and also assessed the relationship between PCT and renal function.
22 Little evidence supports the use of various exclusion diets in unselected people with atopic eczema, but that may be because they were not allergic to those substances in the first place.
23 user can select an item by moving it from the unselected list to the selected list.
24 If unselected, all macro options in the IDE are disabled.
25 We will preserve for one month the other unselected photos, which will be deleted beyond the time.
26 you click in the text box, the text is unselected.
27 Clopidogrel is not superior to aspirin in unselected stroke patients but is superior in patients at high risk of recurrence.
28 If the current viewer selection overlaps a highlight only partially, only the portion of the selection that overlaps is cleared and the unselected portion of the annotation highlight remains.
29 reported rates in unselected samples have ranged from 3% to 25%. Most children with autism acquire language by age five or younger, though a few have developed communication skills in later years.
30 A second definition given by Behe (his "evolutionary definition") is as follows: An irreducibly complex evolutionary pathway is one that contains one or more unselected steps (that is, one or more necessary-but-unselected mutations).