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1 But what matters more is the unresolved combination of France's designs and Germany's power.
2 will tout agreements reached even though the really important issues will remain unresolved.
3 other words, we carry unresolved suffering inside us, and out of fear, pain, or embarrassment, we deny it.
4 I understand that you have feelings of unhappiness and unresolved issues with your own family but, again, I ask you to examine why that means that you cannot find happiness with your own children?
5 Based on the principle of magnetic coupling driving, a new type magnetic driving seal agitator was developed because of the problems of unresolved dynamic seal problem in the agitating process.
6 During his parliamentary speech, Mr Obama declared that "history.".. unresolved can be a heavy weight... I know there are strong views in this chamber about the terrible events of 1915.
7 Unresolved revengeful emotions like resentment, jealously, bitterness and rage can skew a person's frame of mind and result in them becoming a criminal overnight.
8 on the 50th anniversary of the Yuri Gagarin's first spaceflight, the greatest of the Soviet space triumphs, there are still plenty of unresolved doubts and suspicions.
9 But even with more than a century and a half of observations, many unresolved questions remain about the farthest planet from the sun.
10 Some parents are more able than others to support growth. Some are indifferent, or affirm the wrong things because of their own unconscious, unresolved conflicts.
11 At present, it is still an unresolved issue of how to embody subject unity at bioinformatics teaching.
12 Georgia is problematic, at least while the problem of its secessionist regions is unresolved.
13 After years of intense debate, the issue whether the Martian meteorite contains life or not remains unresolved.
14 Big powers have long competed for control of the area between Russia and the Arabian Gulf, and the unresolved tensions with India have dogged the country since its birth in 1947.
15 The unresolved Cyprus dispute seems a near-insuperable roadblock.
16 we to make of the painful, unresolved dissonances, the false relations and harmonic slide-slipping?
17 So once again you get a clash, an unresolved clash, but a clash that arises from and participates in the semiotic structure of a common code, right?
18 Mike Gerard, Ms. Joyce's brother, says his apology was inspired by a book that encouraged readers to think about the unresolved events in their lives, no matter how small.
19 With the root causes of the political struggle still unresolved, there is a real threat that tensions will flare up again, paralyzing the government's policymaking efforts.
20 problem of an incorrect level or side in lumbar surgery remains unresolved.
21 Rachel talks with Monica and Phoebe about her unresolved feelings for Ross.
22 The dip has provided breathing space for the Home Office, which has been battling a build-up of up to 450, 000 unresolved asylum cases, some dating back more than a decade.
23 We are dismayed that De Beers feels that it can now return to the reserve whilst the situation with the Bushmen is still unresolved.
24 The first cautionary lesson from these unseemly goings-on is that America's corporate-governance mess is still, alas, unresolved.
25 Maybe you even blame God bitterly for taking this person while things were unresolved with your loved one.
26 There are still unresolved issues for such things as overloaded methods, although for some small subset of calls the argument types can resolve the binding.
27 Deliver the unresolved changes to the stream.
28 However several important issues remain unresolved, for example over who controls the police.
29 Last year, the much-delayed Interphone report found no hard evidence that mobile phones increase the risk of cancer, but the issue remains unresolved.
30 The drop-down menu next to the entry field allows to limit the search scope to a specific project area and/or to unresolved work items.