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No. sentence
1 In the end numerous, mostly unrelated, items have been grafted on, from higher federal deposit-insurance limits to a tax exemption for wooden children's arrows.
2 the potential to test the entire application on every run, which increases the chances of finding bugs in unrelated sections of the code.
3 When Woolley looked for the qualities that made successful groups successful, she found that the individual intelligence of group members was unrelated to the outcome.
4 For a start, the four collaborative species are unrelated, suggesting that a propensity for cohesion has evolved independently.
5 their smartphones.They are also constantly bombarded with unrelated bits and pieces—a poke from a friend one moment, the latest Greek financial tragedy the next.
6 For another, you have to go through logs of unrelated events to find what you need, which can be a nightmare on a live server.
7 their forays into unrelated industries (the fashion at the time was for conglomerates), 74% were later divested.
8 Especially if you have to wade through tons of unrelated search results.
9 Exclude everything that is dissimilar, unrelated or is in some other domain from your subject.
10 In yeast, it turns out, these five genes work together on a completely unrelated task: fixing cell walls.
11 No one in our White House knew about the routine destruction of unneeded records unrelated to Whitewater at the Rose firm.
12 They feel that if they can quickly discover what they want to do, they can get started on it right away, rather than waste time doing seemingly unrelated things.
13 As the moderator, it's your job to ensure that the meeting doesn't stray to unrelated management issues, dribble off into a gossip session, or become a platform for personal agendas.
14 Once their initial vote was cast, they disappeared and prevented the group from reaching a quorum on unrelated and much less controversial issues.
15 This change helps you debug problems with single sign-on without drowning yourself in unrelated log files.
16 In an unrelated recent experiment with insect body sizes, scientists discovered that a more oxygen-rich atmosphere supports super-giant insects, so this could be the case with giant mammals too.
17 It provides the opportunity to test unrelated applications running together.
18 Often the search results are crowded with unrelated searches.
19 One of the difficulties in understanding a topic like di is the amount of coupling this topic has with other, unrelated topics.
20 But here's where the interesting differences begin: In one follow-up regimen, listeners performed an unrelated task in silence.
21 result, most of the paramedics end up working in a different field, often completely unrelated to health, and lose all their training in a matter of months.
22 Rather, they believe PMDD and PMS to be unrelated issues: one a product of brain chemistry, the other a product of a hypochondriatic culture.
23 Extreme weather events are also likely to have a more destructive effect in future decades, as population density increases due to reasons unrelated to climate change.
24 And giving these stories sizes was difficult to say the least, since estimation is often difficult - will updating a lib on a server affect other seemingly unrelated areas?
25 service framework enables dynamic life-cycle management without a VM restart, so components can be updated without impacting other unrelated components that are running at the same time.
26 These issues weren't as unrelated as I had previously thought -- they had a common root cause.
27 So selection for one variant can have all sorts of seemingly unrelated effects.
28 Ultimately, they monitored 12 fire-walkers, 9 spectators related to fire-walkers, and 17 unrelated spectators who were just visiting.
29 Although many organizations realize the importance of integrating structured and unstructured information, today's search results are still unrelated to each other.
30 To become useful as an explanation, the proclaimed 'craziness' should have been verified beforehand, in unrelated contexts.