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Unpretentious in a sentence

1. Doyle said: "He was folksy, unpretentious, disarming.

2. Music critics found the album intimate and unpretentious.

3. He was modest and unpretentious.

4. The writing is unpretentious, but it is also po-faced.

5. He is portrayed as unpretentious.

6. Stylish unpretentious fun."

7. He was known for being honest, unpretentious and courteous.

8. Her debut was respectable, simple and unpretentious.

9. Most of the buildings are unpretentious.

10. "I see it as an innocent, unpretentious comedy," said Wood.

11. The altars are the rather unpretentious work of workshops.

12. Plane is unpretentious to the soil.

13. Morrison was an unpretentious figure on the House floor.

14. difficult, but unpretentious;

15. Walker praised her "unpretentious youthfulness".

16. "Couthy" means homely, simple, unpretentious.

17. "Couthy" means homely, simple, unpretentious.

18. As a teacher, he was unpretentious and often funny.

19. A duettino is an unpretentious duet with a concise form.

20. To Boyd, the style was simple, light, fresh and unpretentious;

21. They're very unpretentious."

22. The "unpretentious structure" stood on Coldharbour Lane.

23. . . . Exciting, unpretentious stuff in the best tradition".

24. Marvin was always honest and unpretentious.

25. For sheer unpretentious fun it was just the ticket."

26. They are utilitarian and unpretentious.

27. As a building, it is small and unpretentious.

28. Teachers are rain, unpretentious, all things gentle.

29. I think they're very friendly and unpretentious.

30. If you are genuine and unpretentious, your future is good.