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1 These 19 went on to become members of the unofficial "Halfway to Hell" Club.
2 I was, it seemed, turning into the islands' unofficial postman.
3 As we circle to head westward toward the mainland, I can see the unofficial flag of Newfoundland still flying over the harbour.
4 Several unofficial defense-related websites published grainy mobile-phone video footage that they said showed the J-20 speeding along a runway and deploying parachutes from its rear.
5 Once a week they have a bathing day which is an unofficial day-off. The members of the ship's company bathe and clean up the ship, especially the deck.
6 The Palestinian militant group Hamas says it will honor an unofficial truce with Israel after signing a reconciliation deal with Fatah.
7 Like their secular counterparts, these brainy clerics have in recent years had to share the diplomatic action with other institutions, both official and unofficial.
8 Local is the new organic" has become the unofficial slogan of the local-food movement in the past couple of years.
9 From then on her Bible class functioned as an unofficial clinic, dispensing practical advice and a listening ear to women who had never been listened to by anyone before.
10 In South Korea, octopus is perhaps second in popularity only to kimchi, the unofficial national dish.
11 In the northern birch forests of Mongolia, unofficial groups of them are cutting down trees for chopsticks.
12 Some of the survivors, many of whom are now in their 80s, wore their prison uniform caps to the ceremony, where a choir sang a song written by two inmates that became a secret and unofficial anthem.
13 Unofficial estimates by informed circles put the current number of these foreign fighters at "several hundred".
14 I was disappointed with the section on unofficial programming languages for the NXT.
15 's unclear who coined the phrase, but France has been the unofficial romance capital of the world for centuries.
16 The us Postal Service has an unofficial creed (above) that harks back to Herodotus, who was admiring the Persian empire's stalwart messengers.
17 President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad had ordered the further enrichment in a televised address, one of the many varying, unofficial responses Iranian officials have given to the U.N. plan.
18 An Iranian news service close to the President's camp insinuated that Mr Mottaki had sinned by straying from Iran's official line during "certain unofficial meetings" with foreigners.
19 Emmett was a member of a blackface troupe known as the Bryant's Minstrels, but he was indignant when he found out that his song had become an unofficial anthem of the Confederacy.
20 All of which info, and more, can be found on the rather marvellous Unofficial Football World Championships website.
21 According to the unofficial tally, 14 of the 18 elected members of the committee are newcomers.
22 enforced disappearance and incommunicado detention, including prolonged illegal detentions at unofficial holding facilities known as "black jails";
23 Meanwhile Germany, the euro zone's unofficial banker, has made it clear that German taxpayers will not provide further support to countries that it regards as having behaved recklessly.
24 The Supreme Court was expected to deliver a verdict in the coming days in a case that could overturn President Musharraf's unofficial re-election last month.
25 12 months since the unofficial nadir of the recession the economy grew just 3.2%.
26 The 27-year-old second in line to the throne flew out of Wellington Tuesday morning bound for Sydney for a three-day unofficial visit to Australia.
27 Cubans’ wages are low ($20-30 a month at the unofficial exchange rate) and they have to augment the state ration book in expensive farmers’ markets.
28 There is another, unofficial type of so-called vegetarianism.
29 dispute over the border is so long-running that India's reaction was no stronger than official outrage and unofficial weariness.
30 He spent 23 years as crown prince before ascending the throne, ten of those as an unofficial regent after his predecessor, King Fahd, suffered a debilitating stroke in 1995.