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No. sentence
1 I don't want to encumber myself with unnecessary luggage.
2 This means that there should not be any unnecessary overlap or gaps in the test coverage.
3 As shown above, queries on concrete classes only select the required data without unnecessary table joins or unions.
4 On the one hand, sharply reducing demand in economies that are recovering only weakly from recession may cause much unnecessary pain.
5 One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny.
6 All unnecessary packages or software should be removed from the server.
7 Because cluster file systems cause unnecessary performance and administration overhead for operation of IDS, this article USES SAN as the means for storage of chunks.
8 In this instance, the evolutionary model itself provided great value, allowing the team to avoid unnecessary work and duplication of effort.
9 Another reason behind this could be to free up the bandwidth by blocking unnecessary traffic coming from sources like advertisement sites.
10 It sets up an unnecessary contingency.
11 I think it was totally unnecessary; it should have been avoided rather than costing all the people trouble because there's been a lot of traffic and disruptions all over.
12 If there were, the garbage collector would ship with that configuration, and tuning would be unnecessary.
13 of process, service/message, and data models accelerates the design, leverages normative guidance for data modeling and avoids unnecessary transformations...
14 I'm sharing quick ways you can rid your life and your space of unnecessary stuff.
15 It's an unnecessary wait though that can be easily avoided.
16 However, each request and response carries with it lots of unnecessary HTTP header overhead and latency.
17 Public transport in the UK will keep running, but users may be advised to stagger their journeys and avoid unnecessary trips.
18 We cleaned the floor from all unnecessary partition walls, removed the poles of lower roof pitches, removed the ceiling floor in order to open the highest floor with its beautiful joists.
19 Applications that do this often create lots of unnecessary garbage in that block of code and generate lots of context switches.
20 However, WSDL is full of redundant information that is unnecessary to the novice or layperson.
21 You can work on a specific set of data while any unnecessary information stays hidden and does not obstruct the process.
22 Cut out the paragraph unnecessary for the essay.
23 no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws.
24 This category includes unnecessary purchases such as clothing rentals and storage, dry cleaning, jewelry, and watch repair.
25 Overseas visitors should remember that it is often unnecessary to eat more than a single mouthful of a dish at a Chinese banquet.
26 If you behave badly, rudely or take unnecessary risks, then you have to be totally accountable for what you have done.
27 Cutting back the power supply available to Japanese industry would be unnecessary and unwise.
28 Go through and organize your papers, files and folders and throw away any unnecessary paperwork and correspondence.
29 unfortunate that one of the Fire’s big features is that a PC is totally unnecessary, yet for many it seems the first thing they’ll have to do is side-load an update that fixes the wifi.
30 Eliminate all redundant or unnecessary crossings together with any crossings that cannot be made safe due to crossing geometry or proximity of complex highway intersections.