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No. sentence
1 As a novel of race and the effect that the harsh colonial experience had on both oppressor and oppressed, Doris Lessing's "the Grass is Singing", published in 1950, is still unlikely to be bettered.
2 Meals that come boxed in kit form also seem unlikely to bring joy, ditto cakes.
3 However, Mr Obama himself acknowledges that his plan is only an opening bid, unlikely to become law in its present form.
4 Nuclear bombs are humankind's most powerful weapon, but their destructive impact would unlikely alter the spinning of the Earth on its axis.
5 whether the Lisbon treaty reforms will stiffen backbones and advance this unlikely but desirable prospect.
6 When Ilaria was a year old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy which means she is unlikely to walk. She’ll never speak properly and will require constant care.
7 It is unlikely that the Priests would have felt directly threatened by an attack on unscrupulous traders overcharging pilgrims on exchange rates.
8 The court papers describe a “boiler room” atmosphere in which recruiters enrolled students who stood no chance of graduating and saddled them with debt they were unlikely to be able to pay off.
9 An election will be risky for Mr Gbagbo, who would be unlikely to win a fair contest; both his main rivals were barred from running when he was elected in 2000.
10 The villagers do not agree as to whether the ghosts exist, but it seems unlikely that the village should get its reputation for no reason at all.
11 The best thing about this is that while most people at the beach are unlikely to be carrying anti-sting lotions, they are likely to be carrying a bottle of coke.
12 Some crushing plants have been badly damaged, so they are unlikely to resume production soon, Xiong said late yesterday.
13 As for the trout, Dr Bradley says his fish have enough trouble breeding on their own for it to be unlikely that they would do well in the wild.
14 But any protocol that can be agreed upon is unlikely to alter current practice in the area much.
15 This is worth bearing in mind: I now strongly suspect that anybody who claims to be commenting live from any event is unlikely to remember much about what happened.
16 This seems unlikely to happen, unless he gets given one by the same embarrassing elderly relative who knits sweaters for the rest of us.
17 if there are no cigarette advertisement on TV, no cigarettes available everywhere, and no adequate pocket money, teenagers are unlikely to take up the habit of smoking.
18 Some expect Apple and Microsoft to Sue Google. Yet this is unlikely, because the online giant will be hard to pin down.
19 Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Atlantic, has mischievously suggested that his old rival BA could go bust. Aviation analysts think that unlikely.
20 Business is particularly reluctant to take preventive measures against unlikely disasters because they do not pose a serious near-term threat.
21 It was an unlikely triumph wrested from a moment of national humiliation.
22 his soulful eyes and timid smile, Murat Kara, a 40-year-old stocking seller in the mainly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir, is an unlikely murderer.
23 FAO reckons that, if this were to happen (which seems unlikely), it would divert a tenth of the world's cereal output from food to fuels.
24 OFT's definition of the relevant market in this case (the "provision of regional theatres for medium-scale national touring productions") is unlikely to be found on anyone's business card.
25 concluded that any potential differences between cloned animals and conventional animals was unlikely to exist beyond the second generation.
26 Historical analogies, comparisons, and metaphors are all around us; they are a source of collective wisdom on which we must rely. It is unlikely that we could live without them even if we wanted to.
27 This is a testament to the conservative underwriting and funding strategies of these Banks prior to the crisis, but seems unlikely to continue if a major sovereign restructuring occurs in 2011.
28 It is highly unlikely that even if the stated compounds could help prevent the memory loss and decreased learning ability associated with aging that it would have any benefits for students.
29 is unlikely (and should be forbidden) that these will be used in business applications, but keep these in mind in case you are writing administrative applications.
30 But based on the amount of caffeine in chocolate, laying awake, staring at the ceiling until all hours of the night after eating a candy bar is unlikely.