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No. sentence
1 What if someone exploits some unknown limitations of the security mechanism to break through?
2 While a talented unknown may have stood a better chance, the Sundance Kid was doomed from the start.
3 will insist on the fact that agriculture will not be confronted with unknown situations and that solutions do exist; that we must work with climate change, not against it.
4 Imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown.
5 Then, whenever we have a new data point, with an unknown output value, we put it through the model and produce our expected output.
6 I am not sure what drew me to love all things obscure and unknown, but that passion remains with me to this day -and can certainly be considered the greatest motivation for making Listverse.
7 When the dragline is caught in a turbulent breeze, it becomes highly contorted, catching air like an open parachute and sending the spider on an unknown journey.
8 These rogue Internet pharmacies are operated internationally, they have no registered business address and sell products that have an unknown or unclear origin.
9 These are the “books unknown to me”, the “books I have skimmed”, the “books I have heard about” and the “books I have forgotten”.
10 Their number and strength, their ebb and flood, their play and counter play and above all the laws of their nourishment remain quite unknown to us.
11 Such unknown classes are checked at run time by the application server and must be placed in the JVM Settings of the application server (Figure 3).
12 No one could match the skill of the unknown carver.
13 You may not have the fear of death, but all the other fears are still there: the fear of the unknown and the fear of failure.
14 But even if we try to discover the unknown world, our memory either continues to float in the unknown world or remains as an analogy.
15 There towers aloft in the square the Monument of Unknown Heroes.
16 Argentina are the unknown package of this World Cup.
17 I looked harder and longer, as my eyes got used to the solid black wall, I wondered if an unknown person for an unknown reason had draped a black blanket over our door.
18 What but the melody of song can tell us of the goings and comings of the unknown bird?
19 Shelves this thing, carries many of the unknown world of our fantasies.
20 Indians charged that alongside the Napo River, a tributary of the Amazon, people fell ill from unknown diseases.
21 Every day we see hundreds of eyes but do not even suspect they have such beautiful structure, like surfaces of unknown planets.
22 He knew hundreds of Bengali songs of unknown authorship, and on these he would launch, with voice uplifted, regardless of tune, or consequence, or of the express disapproval of his hearers.
23 The authorship of this poem is unknown.
24 As one of the characters in the film says, "ignorance is bliss" Essentially, if the truth is unknown, or you believe that you know the truth, what is there to question or worry about?
25 Ignorance can be tolerated, but only if you plan to investigate the unknown.
26 What if a book has an unknown publication date, or more than one author?
27 rise of the unknown athlete is a charming tale, but in today's chemical environment, it's also an incredibly naive one.
28 Don't stay with familiar pain out of fear of awkwardness or unknown pain.
29 The wood on either side was full of singular noises, among which--once, twice, and again--he distinctly heard whispers in an unknown tongue.
30 some of the oldest trade routes and hyperspace lanes in the galaxy as they ventured into the unknown, millennia ago.