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unjust in a sentence

31. if God destroys the unjust, a remnant will remain;

32. An unjust law was in a sense no law at all.

33. Power can be seen as evil or unjust;

34. This, they contended, had been unjust.

35. ("I die an innocent man, my sentence is unjust.

36. and the importance of rebuking unjust rulers.

37. It is wider than the law of unjust enrichment.

38. England adopts the "unjust factor" approach.

39. unjust enrichment" seeking unspecified damages.

40. thirdly, they have verified unjust things;

41. (d) The arbitrary and unjust Award given by Mrs.

42. Hymn XXVIII. Pilate's unjust Judgment.

43. This is unjust and should not be tolerated.

44. His most significant film in 2010 was The Unjust.

45. An unjust God is inconceivable as God.

46. Hussey protested that the trials were unjust.

47. an unjust ruler may be justly deposed;

48. With unjust actions and behaviors comes to blame.

49. I can only describe it as shameful and unjust."

50. Peter Birks be unjust enrichment by subtraction.

51. The film analyses an unjust and unfair society.

52. The occupation is immoral and unjust.

53. Believing it an unjust punishment, Matt escapes.

54. one good and one bad, and an unjust step mother.

55. He died as a victim of the unjust, the godless.

56. We say this war’s illegal, immoral, and unjust;

57. He considered this unjust treatment.

58. I think it is not right and unjust.

59. He submitted to the unjust treatment.

60. There are just or unjust things in the world.