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unjust in a sentence

1. I think the fine is unjust.

2. The first would be unjust;

3. "I see it as unjust.

4. This is a most unjust accusation;

5. The Unjust Society.

6. lt's so unjust").

7. It is unjust if not.

8. On unjust motives for war.

9. Unjust firings;

10. (2) unjust enrichment;

11. "I see it as unjust.

12. Unjust Muslim rulers are excluded.

13. This was unjust;

14. considered to be unjust or cruel".

15. The other is unjust enrichment.

16. paying unjust wages;

17. He was sometimes unjust.

18. that said conviction was unjust;

19. that the conviction was unjust;

20. Many thought the trial was unjust.

21. if they were manifestly unjust;

22. if they were manifestly unjust;

23. It might be just or unjust.

24. This behavior is unjust.

25. He is doing unjust with Sudha.

26. (2) unjust enrichment;

27. That’s unjust.

28. unjust Stamp Act must be annulled.

29. I think that is unjust.

30. I think it's unjust.