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1 grafted hydrogenase directly onto photosystem I, a protein unit needed for photosynthesis.
2 It incorporates active radar with an inertial reference unit and micro-computer system, which makes the missile less dependent upon the fire-control system of the aircraft.
3 Instead, we recommend that you install the latest TL or SP, since these are tested as a unit and they go through a longer test cycle.
4 Several books and papers show how to use mock objects in unit testing. These describe the capabilities that mock objects should have and how to use them.
5 As always, the unit tests for that class should capture the functionality for each of its methods.
6 few keystrokes on the laptop keyboard we could steer the robot by sending signals over our wireless network to the laptop on the unit.
7 Could you tell me the unit price of this product?
8 Third, they help you think through the interface and requirements of each unit.
9 The enterprise, rather than any individual or business unit, owns all data.
10 Whether a woman is an "apple" or a "pear" is determined by a range of genetic factors, found researchers at Oxford University and the Medical research Council (MRC) Epidemiology Unit in Cambridge.
11 President Barack Obama will also establish an elite unit to interrogate high-value detainees, creating a team of trained interrogators drawn from law enforcement, intelligence and military agencies.
12 data indicated that insects grow more rapidly, and they emit less carbon dioxide per unit of weight gained than do cattle and pigs.
13 Yet, when given the opportunity to adopt effective unit testing in their work, only about 25 percent of them do so.
14 You can see some of the figures from the report in the chart at right, where unit Labour costs are broken down into the contributions from wages and productivity.
15 steam engine is designed to be a "closed-loop" system, in which water escaping from the cylinders through the exhaust valves is captured and cooled in a condensing unit.
16 One way is to have a thorough set of unit tests for the code: the code should pass the tests both before and after refactoring.
17 Instead of running all your automated unit tests every day, only run the ones that need to pass for this particular delivery or iteration.
18 No unit or person may illegally restrict or exclude legal persons or other organizations from other areas or systems to take part in bidding or interfere in tender and bid activities in any form.
19 Members of the unit shot him in the ankle, and medics treated him at the scene.
20 Thus the topology model, which represents the analytical state of the it system or its piece, may not be able to express all of the capabilities or requirements (or even the members) of that unit.
21 the flip side, the Nasdaq/ICE deal would effectively split the NYSE into two parts, with ICE taking the NYSE's US derivatives unit and the Nasdaq taking its equity unit and listings business.
22 However, the schema for topology model does not enforce any strict association between unit and requirement types.
23 Should there be any trouble with the boiler, the automatic controlling unit would cut off the fuel oil supply.
24 But now, as the Web and DVRs uproot the way people consume television, and thus rip apart the industry’s business model, the unit is adding advertiser research as a fresh focus of intense inquiry.
25 In this example, we added the status information directly to the unit.
26 Specifically, I want to offer some tips on how easy it can be to write unit tests with mock objects.
27 It is very important the unit tester has access to artifacts that communicate decomposed information, outside of the actual use case.
28 unit of backup for offline database is the entire database, whereas the unit of backup for online backup is some or all table spaces.
29 Wicket supports out-of-container unit testing through the use of a built-in mock object framework.
30 Wicket support for unit testing is based on extending the JUnit framework.