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No. sentence
1 Schools had to be cleared of rubble and of displaced people; families had to scrape together money for uniforms and fees.
2 soldiers climbed into their uniforms at the sound of the warning bell.
3 The plumbing contractor I just mentioned established a series of systems to make good on its guarantee, including equipping employees with handheld vacuums, booties and belted uniforms.
4 It amazed me that they always looked impeccable in their uniforms with white shirts which had been washed by hand, dried on the bushes and then ironed with an iron filled with charcoal.
5 Content packs generally include matching products such as uniforms, equipment, and scenes.
6 All students must wear summer uniforms in September, Early, October, late April, May, June and July.
7 logo is everywhere: on the staff uniforms, the stationery, the carpets.
8 Stuart and his brother, Phillip, toured the festival in the uniforms they wear at their jobs as surf life-guards — bright yellow jerseys, red swim trunks, sandals, and red-and-yellow swim caps.
9 Nearby is another classroom where female students learn to sew and make the students' school uniforms.
10 Although the uniforms themselves may not pose a direct risk of disease transmission, these results indicate a prevalence of antibiotic resistant strains in close proximity to hospitalized patients.
11 He attracted as followers the kind of Boers who enjoyed donning absurd uniforms and playing soldiers.
12 Military equipment, uniforms and logistics are all feeling the pressure of price rises.
13 In new York, a new fee instituted to fund 911 services will pay for general budget items and new police uniforms.
14 From the uniforms: the two men getting married are members of the royal Canadian mounted police square-jawed and upright in keeping with the popular image of the "mounties".
15 You'll find their uniforms tend to be more subdued pastel colours, such as mauve, green or blue.
16 king had commissioned uniforms for his troops to fight the republican forces of Oliver Cromwell at the Battle of Worcester the same year.
17 The airline discovered that the uniforms, which feature grey jackets, skirts, hats and a red neckerchief, have long been in demand by consumers who like role-playing fantasies.
18 Biggest priority was showering. I hadn't showered properly in almost 5 days, and all of my uniforms reeked of seawater.
19 These new power sources could in the future be woven into fabrics such as uniforms or ballistic vests, and poured or sprayed into containers of any size and shape.
20 Photographs on the Xinhua Web site showed rescue workers wearing orange uniforms and red helmets walking to the mine shaft to try and pull out workers.
21 Miss Gao is writing a notice to all now students about their uniforms in summer.
22 Wearing blue camouflage uniforms, the women who lined up behind Gaddafi is equipped with armor. Always vigilant.
23 soldiers who spilled out of the chopper were wearing Greek Army uniforms.
24 Staff in green and cream uniforms that matched the train's livery guided us to our cabins, in which armchairs and sofas by day convert to single beds at night.
25 Such forces are clearly distinguished from non-combatants by their uniforms and the fact that they bear arms.
26 report, the workers have allegedly been confined to the factory, toiling for at least three years without being paid or given any protective uniforms or equipment.
27 you've got Berlin, which was a very important town, but it's a very important city because it's got this huge garrison and it's got factories turning out military uniforms.
28 Special units distinguished by their special black uniforms, helmets and body armor also were assigned to transit facilities, according to reports.
29 Prisoners are spared the indignity of wearing uniforms.
30 Celebrity designers crafted flight attendants' uniforms in colorful silks, psychedelic patterns and fitted dresses that sported hems as high as The Times.