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No. sentence
1 Nearby, an unidentified weed gains a month's stay.It is a small return for its cluster of tiny yellow paintbrush blossoms.
2 In New Zealand, an unidentified toxic algae was blamed this week for causing the deaths of two dogs on beaches in Auckland.
3 An unidentified woman told Shanghai television her only option was to climb down the scaffolding. "if I jumped I would die, if I stayed (in the building) I would die," she said.
4 Unidentified items - What is that in that old Chinese takeout box? Toss.
5 Then we fed them four unidentified samples of cola one at a time, regular colas for the one group, diet version for the other.
6 singular glow came from the unidentified flying object.
7 wall of the shelter can be seen a first aid cabinet, shelves holding unidentified bottles, mats in a corner for rest, and a set of dominos.
8 Unidentified gunmen have fired on the motorcade of Pakistan's prime minister, but officials said he was not in his vehicle at the time of the attack.
9 than a thousand people claim to have seen the bulbous back of an unidentified creature briefly break the glassy surface of Loch Ness, then disappear.
10 broke out in Kinshasa, the capital, after unidentified men armed with guns, rocket-propelled grenades and machetes attacked the home of Joseph Kabila, the President.
11 According to the guerrillas they died when an "unidentified military group" attacked the jungle camp where they were being held.
12 Those unidentified objects have now been identified as birds, pulled from their migratory path and bedazzled by the light in a perfect, poignant storm of avian disorientation.
13 In their confrontation, the embassy-employed security guard asked the security guard of the apartment outside the embassy for assistance to take the unidentified person out of the embassy.
14 Sunday in Lahore unidentified gunmen shot and killed a candidate from Mr. Sharif's party who was running in the provincial elections.
15 people were wounded when unidentified gunmen opened fire on protesters.
16 unidentified man searches for tin ore at a sub-Saharan mine.
17 The third came from offscreen fired by an unidentified shooter.
18 waste pit near a number of Detroit auto factories fills with a rainbow of unidentified substances.
19 It can violate intellectual property rights, create unknown royalty obligations, increase maintenance costs, and introduce unidentified security vulnerabilities.
20 However, a text message that followed from an unidentified person to a Salesian priest in Tura said fr Fernandes had died in a hospital at Kishanganj on the West Bengal-Bihar border.
21 The official news agency SANA reported Friday that unidentified gunmen had killed two security officers.
22 However, serious scholars prefer to baptize these appearances with the technique name UFO (unidentified flying object).
23 thing is, I am contacted far too often by people saying they have seen an unidentified flying object, or UFO.
24 Unidentified gunmen held some hostages, including a priest in a church located in central Baghdad Sunday afternoon after killing two guards in a stock market.
25 This photo taken at 0:51 p.m. on Aug. 24 shows what is believed to be an unidentified flying object in the sky above Seoul’s Cheonggyecheon Street.
26 The international space station had a close call in late June, when an unidentified object came within 1, 100 feet but caused no damage; astronauts were preemptively evacuated to emergency spacecraft.
27 Thirty-six hours had passed since the bodies were found Tuesday morning, but no one had come to claim them and they remained unidentified, Mancillas said.
28 Vedomosti report quoted an unidentified Russian military official as saying the systems would not be useful in a new conflict over Karabakh.
29 Update 3: some unidentified agency, company or person has been ordering hundreds of photographs of this area since 2004. Check out that story here.
30 Mikhail Voitenko, editor of the online maritime bulletin Sovfracht, said an unidentified caller warned him he was "stepping on the toes of some serious people".