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No. sentence
1 Outlawing the payment of ransoms seems unfeasible unless there is clear evidence (none exists so far) that some of the money is finding its way into terrorist hands.
2 Of course, working with the output of the generation of all possible permutations of test inputs could quickly become unfeasible (depending on the application under test).
3 Last month Vince Cable, the Lib Dem business secretary whose department covers universities, said opposition to fees was unfeasible in the current economic climate.
4 The enormity of the project suggests work lasted several months at least, probably several years, which makes it unfeasible that it might be Kidd's treasure.
5 Because copying this amount of data through a user application is often unfeasible, several alternative approaches to television tuners have been developed.
6 Oil doesn't get the same harsh treatment because Hansen thinks the idea of weaning ourselves off of oil in such short order is unfeasible.
7 In this case, the time required to record the steps for all of the test cases might be unfeasible.
8 This is inconvenient enough for patients in the rich world, says Mr Gates, but in developing countries it is often unfeasible.
9 Though possible in theory, the cost and effort of doing so makes this unfeasible in practice.
10 began on the stadium in 1933 but was soon halted when it became abundantly clear that the sheer size of the original project made it financially unfeasible.
11 conclude, it is highly unfeasible to put all eggs in just one basket.
12 Verification is complex in logic and unfeasible in practice, while falsification is simple in logic but the same difficulty in practice.
13 We conclude that conditions in the Yemen make this project fundamentally unfeasible.
14 When solving the knapsack question, repair function was used to repair unfeasible code.
15 There are a number of unfeasible scheduling solutions in the Job-shop Scheduling Problem (JSP), it seriously affects the quality of Genetic Algorithms(GA) searching for the best solution.
16 The board said the idea was unfeasible .
17 But the government, which had unveiled the project in 2004, said any last-minute changes would be unfeasible, and all proper consultation procedures had already been observed.
18 The conflict, vacancy and unfeasible solutions may appear when the traditional genetic algorithms are applied into the optimizing allocation.
19 encoding schema of GA to solve JSP, it reduces occurrence of the unfeasible scheduling solution, then enhances the quality of GA.
20 One cannot say that there is no British Intelligence on the matter, as it is quite unfeasible that the existence of the technology is not classified information.
21 Based on the experience of practical projects, we found that it was unfeasible to treat the pharmaceutical wastewater only with biological methods, it even caused the death of sludge.
22 Though divorce is no long a cultural taboo among young Iranians, the convoluted divorce laws and the financial pressures of single parenting make it an unfeasible option for many women.
23 Searching variables in two level hierarchy, it is possible to avoid the appearance of unfeasible results. So the search space is greatly reduced and efficiency is improved.
24 they came to realize that the planned economy is unfeasible in their country.
25 The weather made it unfeasible to be outdoors.
26 The FSRS is designed by the object-oriented method in which the condition that determines a farming system feasible or unfeasible are accumulate temperature (growth period) and precipitation.
27 Strict Japanese labour laws make "involuntary" lay-offs unfeasible for all but the frailest companies.
28 Secondly, anarchism is evaluated as unfeasible or utopian since the state can not be defeated practically.
29 Upgrading it to counter the additional warheads would be economically unfeasible: The defenders required one rocket per incoming warhead, whereas the attackers could place 10 warheads on a single missile at a reasonable cost.
30 Upon realising the fact that the Turkish Cypriot population was only 20% of the islanders made annexation unfeasible, the national policy was changed to favour partition.