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1 Both men say Japanese society too often turns a cold shoulder to the unemployed and bankrupt, and breeds a culture where suicide is still seen as an honorable option.
2 Given all that, it seems you win this bet — but, in light of your friend's unemployed status, why not spring for the lobsters anyway?
3 unemployed reporter pawned his typewriter to pay the rent.
4 Its unemployment rate is already high, crops are already rotting in the field; the opportunity exists for unemployed Alabamans to pick them and get paid for it.
5 There is widespread suspicion among experts that the claimant count does not represent the true state of joblessness as many unemployed people are unable to claim benefit.
6 the depression, millions of the unemployed wandered around in the streets.
7 Officers rushed to the house and found a 58-year-old unemployed woman hiding in an unused closet, where she had secreted a mattress and plastic drink bottles, the Asahi said.
8 echo an old joke, heaven is where women and older people work like the Swedes, the young work like the Dutch and the unemployed find jobs like the Danes.
9 Yet such claimants are, in one sense, lucky: typically, 60% of unemployed people don’t qualify for the benefits at all.
10 Helping the unemployed, by putting money in the pockets of people who badly need it, helps support consumer spending.
11 But what happens to the salary of the persons that work less hours, so that the unemployed can find work?
12 Many of its members are disillusioned youths, unemployed and living in poverty, according to security experts.
13 Yet any action to help the unemployed is vetoed by the fear-mongers.
14 And so, homeless as well as unemployed, the group expanded into a formal organization, charging $15 in annual dues and cadging space for meetings from large restaurants and assisted-living centers.
15 In Italy, Portugal and Spain, about one-fourth of college graduates under the age of 25 are unemployed.
16 Unemployed factory workers often return to their hometown, because there is zero benefit of them staying in the city, while they could earn a meager wage in their hometown.
17 At the height of unemployment in 1982, one of every five unemployed workers was on a temporary layoff, with the expectation they would be recalled, sooner or later.
18 Now, I don't have the impression that unemployed Americans are spoiled; desperate seems more like it.
19 Some unemployed miners had been expected to join militias, though evidence that they have done so is scant.
20 If their demands had been more focused on the structures that keep them unemployed, enthusiasm might not have been as universal.
21 More important, a host of unemployed citizens face the grim problem of existence, and an equal and great number toil with little return.
22 local news media uncovered a macabre network that lured unemployed urban youths to the countryside with promises of jobs, only to kill them and pass them off as dead rebels.
23 Most of his friends had either moved to Bangalore or were unemployed.
24 This has created a dual labour market for older workers, of cosseted insiders on the one hand and unemployed or retired outsiders on the other.
25 In many cases, if it isn't clearcut, the unemployment office will lean towards the unemployed job seeker, rather than the employer, when making a decision on unemployment compensation benefits.
26 People from the fringes of society (unemployed playwrights and electricians) rose to giddy heights.
27 There is mounting evidence of employer discrimination: with over 16% of the labour force jobless or underemployed, some firms are advertising that the long-term unemployed need not apply.
28 Kicking farmers off the land with no alternative livelihood risks flooding the capital, Bamako, with unemployed, rootless people who could become a political problem.
29 Huntington correctly foresaw that the Arab strongman regimes were fragile and were threatened by the masses of unemployed young men.
30 The first is to show that the unemployed have sufficient incentive to find work, even if they receive unemployment benefits indefinitely.