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undulations in a sentence

1. Nautilus is also capable of creating a jet by undulations of its funnel;

2. To the north the land is flat with gentle undulations.

3. Its flight is strong and direct (without undulations).

4. Settlements were built along the banks following the river's undulations.

5. The town is mostly flat, with some slight street undulations.

6. The site shows undulations indicative of ridge and furrow cultivation.

7. Throughout the loop there are severe undulations and sharp turns.

8. These undulations give the hollows and peaks of altitude.

9. The eastern portion is a plane, with rare minor undulations.

10. The greens are medium in size and fast in speed with large undulations.

11. The intervening district, indeed, is famous for its pastoral undulations;

12. It takes the form of three undulations blending into the landscape.

13. From there moderate undulations led to Glasgow Central station.

14. The terrain is flat, with gentle undulations.

15. The leech moves by producing dorsoventral undulations.

16. Undulated. Having undulations or waves.

17. All the daggers were alike and each had seven undulations in the handle.

18. the undulations of the road clearly indicate the location of these flows.

19. These animals use undulations of their body margins to swim.

20. The greens are small but very rapid on account of their undulations.

21. and continuous undulations of pleopods.

22. its originality was expressed in the undulations of its vertical lines.

23. It has three undulations and three twists.

24. The gorga motif is in the shape of flourishes and undulations.

25. He handled the dip and undulations really well.

26. The undulations at Epsom might not have suited him as much".

27. Silence brooded over the long undulations of the national park.

28. tendrils INTERTWINE with gentle undulations.

29. In columns rise and fall to the undulations of the ground.

30. MACRO SHOT — The tendrils INTERTWINE with gentle undulations.