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undocumented in a sentence

91. It has recently been used to detain undocumented immigrants.

92. Shan people in Thailand often work as undocumented labourers.

93. The number of Sioux dead in the uprising is mostly undocumented.

94. it supports DPMI 0.9, but no undocumented "DOS API translation".

95. Skype's client uses an undocumented and proprietary protocol.

96. He has also supported measures to aid undocumented workers.

97. However, the origins of Durga puja are unclear and undocumented.

98. In 1973 he was arrested in Brazil for being undocumented.

99. Avison's adolescent and teenage years are mostly undocumented.

100. The telephone wiring layout across the country was undocumented.

101. It was unrecorded and undocumented, and is so unknowable.

102. Today, undocumented entry to the United States is a misdemeanor.

103. This criminalized and dehumanized the undocumented immigrants.

104. An estimated 1.7 million people are undocumented immigrants.

105. All these claims are undocumented and highly questionable.

106. For an undocumented reason Hidalgo chose not to attack the city.

107. As a result, much of his early fighting career is undocumented.

108. Victims can call for help, even if they are undocumented.

109. Salmon arrived undocumented in the United States in 1977.

110. the alleged plans and concentration of forces undocumented.

111. The union asserted that this included undocumented workers.

112. However, it is undocumented and thus formally unclassifiable.

113. However, it is undocumented and thus formally unclassifiable.

114. Undocumented youth have the legal right to a K-12 education.

115. Dank’s work at Cronulla was loosely managed and undocumented.

116. Of the five, only the undocumented immigrant was killed.

117. This shows a kind of nomadic solidarity, undocumented before.

118. Andrew Cuomo, in supporting licenses for the undocumented.

119. For several years, his father was an undocumented immigrant.

120. Poor componentization and completely undocumented dependencies.