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undocumented in a sentence

61. Poisonings in history have been rare, or undocumented;

62. its origin is variously explained, but undocumented.

63. but prior inhabitants of the house remain undocumented.

64. It also supported rights for undocumented immigrants.

65. Several special moves were added, but left undocumented.

66. opposition for "amnesty" for undocumented immigrants;

67. Possibly there was an undocumented contested election.

68. such as hiring undocumented workers and ducks —

69. America's post Factory years are largely undocumented.

70. The rest of his body of work is largely undocumented.

71. Michael's childhood and youth is almost undocumented.

72. his parents were undocumented immigrants from Mexico.

73. these refugees were both documented and undocumented.

74. There were 430,000 undocumented Guatemalans by 2008.

75. Her family origin is unverifiable, and undocumented.

76. The origin of the name "Smoke Hole" is undocumented.

77. The remains were exhumed in an undocumented manner.

78. Amadio's many recordings went largely undocumented.

79. however, this period is almost entirely undocumented.

80. The 3280 metre elevation is undocumented and unlikely.

81. In 2006 about 1,000 undocumented workers were detained;

82. Detailed surveys may reveal some undocumented species.

83. Whether either of these claims are true is undocumented.

84. The name and date of the first saloon is undocumented.

85. But perhaps three score or more works are undocumented.

86. Bina, another undocumented language, is spoken nearby.

87. There are several undocumented languages of Lembata.

88. discovery, learning to be undocumented, and coping.

89. The fate of her son is apparently also undocumented.

90. The early history of Norwell Woodhouse is undocumented.