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undocumented in a sentence

1. however, this is undocumented.

2. Many of them are undocumented.

3. Most were undocumented.

4. the artists were largely undocumented.

5. The creation of the work is undocumented.

6. Their language is undocumented.

7. an amnesty for undocumented migrants;

8. The cause of her death is undocumented.

9. His training is undocumented.

10. John Bennet's life is mostly undocumented.

11. The remainder of his life is undocumented.

12. This is, however, undocumented.

13. George's childhood is almost undocumented.

14. The remainder of his life is undocumented.

15. their wingspan is undocumented.

16. His life post-war remains undocumented.

17. However, such cases were undocumented.

18. Undocumented may refer to:

19. they were actually undocumented migrants.

20. Gunner's fate is undocumented.

21. Many of them are undocumented.

22. The Nisam language remains undocumented.

23. Ieuan's death is undocumented.

24. It is undocumented.

25. The 2014 event went largely undocumented.

26. rights of undocumented workers;

27. Her death is undocumented.

28. His early life is undocumented.

29. His last years are largely undocumented.

30. and "Undocumented aliens".