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No. sentence
1 But remarkably little is known about the nature of this movement of people one way, and money the other, not least because so much is undocumented or illegal.
2 the administration should help the undocumented spouses and relatives of U. S. citizens by allowing those who have applied for green CARDS to remain in the U. S. while their cases are reviewed.
3 Poor componentization and completely undocumented dependencies.
4 In order to support some undocumented behaviors of the C2 interface, I needed to enhance Wojtek's driver and schematic.
5 What do nativists have to fear, if fewer people are trampling the border and some undocumented workers are going home?
6 A legal advocacy group for Latinos in the United States has criticized the acquittal of two young men of charges in connection with the killing of an undocumented Mexican immigrant.
7 Because so many of them are undocumented or too young, Latinos elsewhere don't vote much-so far.
8 Some gorgeous moments go by undocumented and some mediocre moments get captured and look like they were more beautiful than they were.
9 reduces the risks associated with undocumented or AD hoc build procedures while ensuring repeatability.
10 AgJOBS would allow certain undocumented farmworkers to legalize their immigration status if they can prove they have worked at least 150 days in the fields for the last two years.
11 In a 2005 paper, Hanson analyzed how the size of the undocumented population and its use of public assistance affected attitudes toward immigration.
12 I'd knock on every door," Tara says of a hostel where undocumented workers lived.
13 The library's Lyle Buettner said only about 40 copies are known, though it's likely many more are undocumented.
14 In the fields, undocumented workers hardly ever protest when contractors or growers abuse them.
15 And thus they joined the vast undocumented workforce that undergirds America's food supply.
16 Hispanic voters want a path to citizenship for their undocumented Cousins.
17 By as soon as December, the state's undocumented immigrants, who are reckoned to number anywhere from 500,000 to 1m, could start to get licences that will allow them to drive legally.
18 As an extreme case, parameters could be undocumented and the code distributed together with a default parameter set.
19 It may be informal, undocumented, and problematic, but it almost always contains elements that work at some level for the given organization.
20 common in software for developers to write code that depends on some undocumented behaviour of a function, such as expecting an undocumented side effect to occur.
21 Many libraries and programs are controlled by environment variables in ways that are incredibly obscure -- in fact, many are completely undocumented.
22 And that still doesn't deal with the problem of undocumented environment variables.
23 By some estimates close to a trillion dollars in credit default swaps out there were created electronically and are now undocumented and little understood.
24 And billions in tax revenue are lost each year because many undocumented workers are paid under the table.
25 risk is that parts accepted and agreed upon in earlier cycles can be changed as well, and slip through, undocumented.
26 You're keeping up with more and more small files—which is okay—but also building a set of undocumented assumptions.
27 Typically living at great depths, giant squid sightings are uncommon and often undocumented.
28 Is there something the family always does, something unique, some tradition that isn't usual-ly part of the ceremony and therefore goes undocumented?
29 use the Lotus C API for Lotus Notes/Domino are often reminded of a handy old Swiss Army knife: a snazzy little toolset that has an undocumented number of uses!
30 We call it Stop Naming Your Unstable Undocumented Shitty Format to Sound Like Ours Thanks.