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No. sentence
1 Service operations can be designed to use single input, output, and fault messages, but this is not necessary, and can result in undesirable stamp data coupling.
2 When it starts its sweet, delicious life, sugar is brown — a color deemed to be "undesirable" by the sugar industry.
3 This is particularly undesirable, as the data contains salary and other personnel related information, which needs to be maintained with the respective obligations for such data.
4 This undesirable result would be a direct consequence of differences among species.
5 Now I use the word steer, because if you simply demand a cessation of contact by your children with a set of undesirable peers, you will get nothing but resistance.
6 You should always use collections to create immutable lists rather than arrays. Although it is possible to copy arrays defensively, it leads to some undesirable side-effects.
7 This is limiting as it requires the alteration of a document about which the claim is being made — often undesirable, and if the document format isn't RDF, impossible.
8 Using the open class will overwrite that original class, causing undesirable behavior.
9 was hard work — a hard life — but now that she was about to leave it she did not find it a wholly undesirable life.
10 In other countries few companies have made extensive use of it, but its popularity is growing fast-so fast that some worry about the undesirable characters that the business is attracting.
11 However, it must be stressed that public health authorities must always balance the health risk to the population against other undesirable consequences.
12 But it's totally undesirable for a country to intervene consistently to keep currencies at a certain level.
13 The focus of the Inception phase is on mitigating the risk that the project might be either economically undesirable or technically infeasible.
14 The central meaning Shared by these verbs is. To wipe out someone or something undesirable, especially by using drastic methods such as banishment or execution.
15 Given that many youths may not be sufficiently mature to cope with such problems, they go in the undesirable direction of delinquency, drugs, vandalism, stealing, etc.
16 The government seems to have a policy of helping only those Canadians in trouble abroad whom it does not have reason to see as undesirable.
17 The pickling process removes materials that may react with the main treatment fluid to create undesirable secondary reactions or precipitates damaging to the near-wellbore reservoir formation.
18 Such communities require stringent security arrangements; for example, it may be undesirable or even illegal to share certain Intranet data with external partners.
19 Reversing undesirable social trends will be far from an easy task and will require a dramatic change in attitudes.
20 But some undesirable accidents have happened between whiles.
21 This will have an undesirable effect on query optimization.
22 However, that does not mean that, in the end, the changes you will experience will be undesirable.
23 If the technology is found to be undesirable we must of course, ensure that it is not used.
24 Controlling the chaos also means that we need to clearly understand our options, cost and benefits of each option and reduce the undesirable consequences of change to the minimum.
25 Then, during the migration of the production environment, when load is naturally increased, some timing window might be exposed that could cause undesirable application behavior.
26 In practice, this step has too many undesirable consequences and the risk that much of the testing is of insufficient quality and coverage.
27 However, because there is only one AWT thread, it is undesirable to execute tasks in the AWT thread that may take a perceptible amount of time to complete.
28 These approaches might appear to work in the short term, but they have undesirable consequences downstream.
29 It provokes certain undesirable effects, in the urinary tract and allergic reactions.
30 server load can be alleviated by increasing the polling interval, but this has the undesirable consequence of introducing a lag between a server event and the client's awareness of it.