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1 In this mode of operation it is important that a dialogue is underway to identify how the demand will be satisfied in the event the proposal becomes an approved project.
2 The days are getting shorter, sleeves are getting longer, and autumn's display of fiery color is just getting underway in North America's cooler climes.
3 But at the World Water Week, a conference now underway in Sweden, they have revealed some early findings.
4 Even if your dream company/ industry/ functional area is hiring, when you have a short timeframe, you need to have multiple searches well underway
5 All of which puts you in a key position for the transformation already underway.
6 Several initiatives are underway that should improve the country's business climate, says Baxter.
7 First, according to Xinhua News Agency, efforts to rescue the "De Xin Hai" cargo ship are underway. Can you give us more details?
8 However the coming 25 years will bring forth a massive shift for humanity, as there is a holographic retraction underway.
9 Stock indices from South Korea to Russia to Brazil plummeted on Thursday and continued their sell off on Friday amid fears that a global recession may be underway.
10 Comey demurred, saying he could not discuss any investigations that may or may not be underway.
11 Frenzied talks are already underway to agree a deal that would allow the two parties to merge for the second round.
12 Meanwhile the BRICS Emerging Powers Summit gets underway in Hainan, in China.
13 G20 finance ministers meet in Washington. Meanwhile the BRICS Emerging Powers Summit gets underway in Hainan, in China.
14 President Barack Obama's reelection campaign is officially underway in an email to supporters the president says he is filing the necessary paper work with the Federal Election Commission.
15 Noise reduction research is just one of several key investigations underway by NASA's Aeronautics research Mission Directorate in Washington.
16 AFS concept reduced the number of logistics ships needed to support Navy warships at sea, and was able to provide spare parts, food and fuel via underway replenishment.
17 So Lyons was surprised with the jump in fascinator orders just as the summer wedding season gets underway.
18 Take the survey along if possible. Certain systems can be tested only underway. This is also the best way to check the status of sails, running rigging, etc.
19 Preparations for the Expo are still underway. We will release relevant information in due course.
20 Further investigations are underway to determine the identification of the dead man, but local authorities suspect it was Yoshito Usui from the clothing found on the body.
21 The investigation over the poisoned dumpling issue has been underway for quite a while, right now I have no more information to share.
22 Chinese top seed Li na will get her tournament underway tomorrow.
23 DNA testing of the animal is currently underway to determine its subspecies, which may offer clues to whether it had been poached from the wild or reared in captivity.
24 An investigation is underway following the unusual deaths of 33 seals washed up along the east coast of Scotland and England.
25 No such RNA molecule has been found, but serious work to evolve such an RNA sequence from a library of RNA molecules with enormous diversity is underway and may succeed.
26 project to improve trade competitiveness in Macedonia's agribusiness sector is also underway.
27 For example, if garbage collection is underway or if there are lots of requests in the incoming queue, requests may take longer to be processed.
28 Today's pledge from Singh comes a day after the White House said Obama would commit to cutting emissions before the Copenhagen meeting gets underway.
29 The reconstruction of the city is underway.
30 We thank those that have joined us at our Masters Conclave events in the past and contributed to the birth of the new dream now underway within the human species.