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No. sentence
1 He is quite understanding.
2 That fits with the current understanding of what dreams are and why we have them.
3 Understanding the data quality for this service requires that the analyst first understands how the service interface maps to the application API and then how that API accesses the underlying data.
4 If the leader is not a domain expert, he or she must find one, because in this space, understanding of tools processes an engineering matter.
5 If you forge ties with your boss based on mutual respect and understanding, both of you will be more effective.
6 with your branches, you need to spend some time understanding the questions about merging in this section.
7 In this way, you can be flexible in understanding the binding requirements.
8 Both disciplines are built around the concept that understanding the customer's business context is the key to success.
9 genomics, bioinformatics and many other newer disciplines reveal about life, the more obvious it becomes that our present understanding is not up to the job.
10 This incident will make for better understanding between them.
11 With such a tiered understanding of intentions, a consistent evolution of process can be maintained under the sometimes chaotic onslaught of changing needs and interpretations.
12 My manager at the time sat down with me and instilled in me the importance of really understanding your customers.
13 No matter what kind of business you have, the importance of understanding your customers and how they interact with your software cannot be overstated.
14 My ability to manage this Organization effectively depends on understanding the views of all.
15 The sad part is, Ms. Right types are hard to change, as their personal pride tends to get in the way of understanding others and the world around her, so all you can really do is avoid these women.
16 The discovery brings geologists a step closer to understanding how gold particles are sucked out of the Earth's core and brought up to the surface.
17 Identifying specific activities and assigning them to roles on the team demonstrates that you have a deep understanding of the client problem and how to solve it.
18 You need to have a solid understanding of PHP to use PEAR, and the online documentation is frequently updated, so having a local version is only of value if you need to work offline a lot.
19 But as someone who rarely drinks alcohol, I have trouble fully understanding the mindset of these enthusiasts.
20 Man's understanding of nature is developing all the time, it never remains at the same level.
21 I have trouble understanding it.
22 He was valuable to the White House not for a supple understanding of the country, but for not making trouble.
23 Nevertheless, with this management mechanism, at least you have a shot at understanding just what you have and where it exists.
24 We can only hope to tackle the problems in software development by acknowledging that software is different, and understanding the consequences of these differences.
25 But it was, ironically, not until the invention of the laser in 1960 that understanding the quantum nature of optics became crucial.
26 Great books are those that contain the best materials on which the human mind can work in order to gain insight, understanding, and wisdom.
27 Milton wants the reader to know that she's fallen, we are all fallen, and any problem that we have in understanding the theology of heaven and hell is our problem as fallen readers.
28 But they have everything to do with our understanding of the world around us.
29 These are issues of slant, not accuracy. But they have everything to do with our understanding of the world around us.
30 Despite the strides made in our understanding and treatment of mental illness in the past two decades, many mental health concerns are still misunderstood and stigmatized.