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No. sentence
1 They understand the data far better than we do, so a little bit of effective collaboration with them can dramatically reduce overall development costs.
2 ear is the sure clue to him: only a musician can understand the play of feeling which is the real rarity in his early plays.
3 If you cannot do it, I will understand.
4 In educating our children, we should help them to understand things, not to pump things in.
5 To fix this problem in the database, you need to understand the possible causes and resolutions.
6 This failure is easy to understand, but I'm not sure I really want to "fix" it — the method I'm not testing is trivial, and adding tests for trivial methods can be a waste of effort.
7 TIFFANY: You have some doubts about our products, I understand.
8 Most of the students understand English well.
9 When they are reproached for this, they appear not to understand what is being demanded of them.
10 Neither side should delude itself that it can avoid the harm caused by an increased mutual antagonism; both should understand that a crisis in one country can hurt the other.
11 While they can hardly be called secrets, for some reason people either do not understand or they underestimate the power of these ideas.
12 If you find yourself mentally fuzzing out when you begin to place your attention on these teachings, understand that this is a common problem.
13 You should also compare your product with your competitors to understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of each.
14 It can help us understand and remind us of our limitations.
15 Nobody that we have dealt with has ever taken as much time to understand the subtlety of the science and all the different complications and what it all means as Al Gore.
16 Ironically, in an age that conceives of God as wholly loving, altogether devoid of wrath, few people really understand what God's love is all about.
17 Future research, he says, should look at the behavior and ecology of these worms to understand what caused the new species to arise.
18 She also helped me to understand how my personal goals fitted with my business strategy.
19 Although George couldn't understand why anyone would just want to talk to him about his life, he was happy to answer my questions, so long as I didn't prod his kidneys.
20 I am comfortable giving people direction. If something is not good enough, my job is to find a way to help them learn from their mistake, and understand that next time I expect better.
21 When you talk more your potential employer can better understand what you're thinking and if you're giving the right answers to his questions, he might give you the job as well.
22 If you feel strongly about something, you should spend at least some time trying to understand the other side.
23 These special translation tags not only lend a logical organization to the XML structure, they also allow an application built around an XML parser to understand how to process the globalized data.
24 Yes, I fully understand how this sounds.
25 And you may well understand what they are saying, because enlightenment disciplines are still young and connected enough for a generalist to grasp.
26 The 27-year-old billionaire said his decision to kill his own meat was part of a "personal challenge" he had set himself to appreciate food more and understand where it comes from.
27 We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words.
28 Data on food poisoning from 1985 to 2005 in Qujing City were analyzed to understand the epidemic trend and causes of food poisoning.
29 If you understand what I have said before, then the two conditions should be understood without explanation attached.
30 He did not understand the importance of this question.