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No. sentence
1 They tunnelled their way into an underground palace.
2 I obtained it for one pound in the underground.
3 With technical details of the security system already circulating on the Internet, instructions for cracking it will almost certainly make their way into the computer underground.
4 The blunder made the underground instrument undergo an undermining of the thunderbolt.
5 The two met in Canada where she told him all she knew of the Underground Railroad in the East.
6 In the name of progress, forests have been denuded, lakes poisoned with pesticides, underground aquifers pumped dry.
7 pivots on the eradication of their social and economic bases to curb the prevalence of the underground policies.
8 When he was doing underground work he was arrested because a renegade informed against him.
9 While the wealthier residents enter the building, then go right or left to an elevator, the underground dwellers head past a cellar for bicycle storage, and then downstairs.
10 This immense chasm has been formed by an underground stream which has tunnelled a course through a flaw in the rocks.
11 Recently they have laid an underground pipeline.
12 Mud oozed from underground.
13 The children were detained as hostage in the underground.
14 They dived into the Underground to escape the rain.
15 problem is that if life exists elsewhere in the solar system it must be living underground on places like Mars, Europa, and Enceladus.
16 In recent years, the authorities have tolerated these underground churches.
17 This is one of my favourite exercises as you can do it almost anywhere, I say almost as I couldn't imagine doing it on the underground without getting strange looks from those around me.
18 As we face each other in omnibuses and underground railways we are looking into the mirror that accounts for the vagueness, the gleam of glassiness, in our eyes.
19 The underground sediment of the Ganges Delta contains arsenic.
20 Gibson says it's not cheap to build all of the pipes and pumps for a district cooling system, but it saves money in the long run, especially if existing underground infrastructure can be used.
21 most of their time underground, they had food, water and contact with the outside world.
22 The translucent columns also resemble giant pillars of ice but are warmed by superheated air leaking up from underground magma Chambers.
23 It's not a dog, but a rodent that lives in underground tunnels.
24 The owners of the mine plan to cease its operations in 2010 - in favor of underground mining.
25 One of the museum exhibits is this underground magnet antennae from the 'Bita' cryptographic hardware.
26 Other users then “tagged” these photos by attaching labels such as “London Underground” or “bombings” to them so that they could be easily found.
27 this reason, every single building in Yakutsk is built on underground stilts, varying in depth depending on the size of the building.
28 As the helicopter approaches, Jack, DeSalvo and the men from the facility come out from underground with their weapons raised.
29 'll be underground caverns with scorpions and spiders and, outside, more than 230 trees and hundreds of metres of hedgerows to attract native species.
30 This part of the underground tunnel leads to the sea. You can see the sunlight somewhere at the end.