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No. sentence
1 The book explores some of the biggest ideas in contemporary physics and how they undergird such everyday matters as risk assessment, logic and even our understanding of beauty.
2 The reasons why a greater dorsolateral prefrontal cortical thickness might undergird and promote psychological recovery are apparent, the researchers noted.
3 So what are these revolutionary ideas that make up and undergird the tea-party movement? Well, it's this: all men and all women are created equal.
4 They also lost sight of three T's that undergird markets: trust, transparency, and truthfulness.
5 It is our brains that are responsible for the complex social organization and the accumulation of technical, economic and scientific advances that, for better and worse, undergird modern civilization.
6 In the authors' view this is tragic, given that the fundamental principles of logic continue to undergird the law and guide the thinking of judges.
7 Anarchist principles undergird contemporary radical social movements of the left.