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1 Partially as a response to chronic underfunding of education for African Americans in the South, the Rosenwald Fund began funding the construction of what came to be known as Rosenwald Schools.
2 The various military units now grouped under the FARDC banner are some of the most unstable in Africa after years of war and underfunding.
3 In the fleet itself, complaints were beginning to be made in 1908 about underfunding and shortages of crews for the new ships.
4 Papua New Guinea has such a large Exclusive Economic Zone that patrols by the small Pacific-class patrol boats, which are often unserviceable due to underfunding, are ineffective, so the Maritime Element is heavily reliant on satellite imagery for surveillance of its waters.
5 As of 2015, medical care in Puerto Rico had been heavily impacted by emigration of doctors to the mainland and underfunding of the Medicare and Medicaid programs which serve 60% of the island's population.
6 Like the PNGDF in general the air force suffers from chronic equipment shortages and underfunding, but probably even more so than the other two branches.
7 It too suffers from chronic equipment shortages and underfunding.
8 An internal WHO report on the Ebola response pointed to underfunding and the lack of "core capacity" in health systems in developing countries as the primary weaknesses of the existing system.
9 Adequate speed was always a problem, because of the slow overland transportation system, and underfunding.
10 By this time, however, Amtrak had a large overhang of debt from years of underfunding, and in the mid-1990s, Amtrak suffered through a serious cash crunch.
11 Years of underfunding meant that the air force has not received a new Su-27 since 1991.
12 This instrument tries to avoid the cases of underfunding presented in Missions such as in Bosnia, Somalia, and Sierra Leone.
13 As an illustrative example and parody of the lengths undertaken by some schools to attempt to overcome underfunding, some Springfield Elementary School students (specifically Cletus and Brandine Spuckler's children) are purposely excluded from state or federal standardized testing regimens.
14 It has been stated several times that the school is filled with asbestos, and the underfunding of the school has resulted in a variety of troubling scenarios for students and staff.
15 According to the 1930 census, one-fifth of white Louisianans were illiterate, with rates for black Louisianans being much higher because of underfunding of their education by racial discrimination.
16 The DOE was to begin accepting spent fuel at the Yucca Mountain Repository by January 31, 1998, but did not do so because of a series of delays due to legal challenges, concerns over how to transport nuclear waste to the facility, and political pressure resulting in underfunding of the construction.
17 Yet the battle itself was not the death-blow for the French navy: the subsequent mismanagement and underfunding of the fleet under Pontchartrain, coupled with Louis XIV's own personal lack of interest, were central to the French losing naval superiority over the English and Dutch during the Nine Years' War.
18 Detroit Public Schools suffered from underfunding and racial discrimination before the riots.
19 Underfunding was a function of a decreasing tax base as the population shrank while the numbers of students rose.
20 The paper became one of Ireland's most successful newspapers in the 1980s, eating into the market of The Sunday Press, which like other Press titles was hæmorrhaging readers through underfunding, an aging market and poor management decisions.
21 This will further aggravate the low birth rate in Japan and compound social and economic problems related to the aging population, such as underfunding of the Japanese pension system.