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1 He brushes the accolade aside, but like Mr Martinez Fischer says that the state has systematically underfunded public education and insists this will have to change.
2 Once Mr Emanuel has dealt with those peskyissues, he can then move on to the city’s underfunded pension schemes, whichcould start going broke as early as 2019.
3 Think about the life-long demands for care at a time when most health systems are already overburdened, underfunded, and dangerously understaffed.
4 In an under-funded Harvard laboratory, the dogged, unglamorous slog towards finding a cure for cancer is under way.
5 Turkey, in short, wasn't Japan: Municipalities had weak and underfunded engineering and planning departments staffed with unaccredited engineers prone to corruption.
6 This trend will come at a time when the public health system in many countries is already vastly overstretched and underfunded.
7 The agencies say they are overstretched and underfunded and are appealing for more help from the international community.
8 Chronically understaffed and under-funded, your team struggles to stay afloat.
9 But schools themselves remain underfunded and the quality of education remains poor.
10 For Beijing, a fast-growing economy helps in turn address a range of difficult issues – the rich-poor gap and the underfunded health, education and welfare systems.
11 And governments are raising retirement ages and making it more difficult for companies to shed older workers, in a desperate attempt to cope with their underfunded pension systems.
12 According to Hackel, the average company among the 1400-plus with defined benefit plans that his firm tracks was $376 million underfunded.
13 The problem of underfunded pensions was first brought to my attention by a citizen at the Richmond debate during the campaign.
14 Diplomacy and foreign assistance are often underfunded and neglected, in part because of the difficulty of demonstrating their short-term impact on critical challenges.
15 Underfunded and armed with little more than moral authority, UNESCO can't do much to help the swelling number of sites-the tally now approaches 900-it singles out for distinction.
16 Even as billions in mining profits pour into the capital, infrastructure projects remain underfunded and jobs hard to find.
17 Programmes by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification were underfunded, she said.
18 As affluent women take charge of family or business giving decisions, they are directing more donations toward historically underfunded causes.
19 If you're underfunded, you won't have a cushion to tide you over in the event of slow initial sales or unexpected market conditions.
20 Yet in Britain, for all the talk of the “knowledge-based economy”, secondary schooling and vocational training are in a state of permanent upheaval and universities are underfunded.
21 We made him finance director, a job in which an underfunded campaign needs an aggressor.
22 Only one in ten addictsreceives any drug treatment, because programs are rare and underfunded.
23 The health component of the revised UN humanitarian appeal for the territory is critically underfunded despite growing humanitarian needs, especially in Gaza.
24 Specifically, that means social security, private pensions, and medical and unemployment insurance - plans that exist on paper but are woefully underfunded.
25 The country’s Earth-observing satellite program has been underfunded for a decade, and the impact of the lack of funds is finally hitting home.
26 German universities are underfunded by international standards (see chart).
27 According to the American Library Association, 60% of U.S. libraries report having "insufficient" broadband speeds, but libraries are currently being underfunded.
28 Efforts to carry out the Strategy are severely underfunded, as is research to develop additional, badly needed tools.
29 water and Tap water Regulation sFDA and state bottled water programs are seriously underfunded.
30 To protect themselves, investors may want you agree to covenants and representations about your company that might be difficult for an under-funded startup to swallow.