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1 It is an under-diagnosed, life-threatening lung disease that interferes with normal breathing and is not fully reversible.
2 The report also said Australian Aborigine populations are particularly vulnerable because of underlying chronic diseases, some of which may be underdiagnosed.
3 Secondly, the diabetes incidence was self-reported and there is a possibility that some patients may have been underdiagnosed for diabetes.
4 Autism may be underdiagnosed in women and girls due to an assumption that it is primarily a male condition, but genetic phenomena such as imprinting and X linkage have the ability to raise the frequency and severity of conditions in males, and theories have been put forward for a genetic reason why males are diagnosed more often, such as the imprinted brain theory and the extreme male brain theory.
5 one theory is that females are underdiagnosed.
6 PCP may be underestimated in Africa: since machinery "required for accurate testing is relatively rare in many resource-poor areas, including large parts of Africa, PCP is likely to be underdiagnosed in Africa.