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undercut in a sentence

1. Réard's bikini undercut Heim's atome in its brevity.

2. Pillows normally signal that a rock is not undercut.

3. This allowed them to undercut the refiners.

4. This undercut his German competitors.

5. The campus is undercut by a series of tunnels.

6. The North Fork has willow trees and undercut banks.

7. (10 points) Undercut continuation of the saddle.

8. Imports and local mini-mills undercut sales.

9. Many parts of the cage have been completely undercut.

10. ... They've undercut Hussein.

11. The uppercut (formerly known as the undercut;

12. a large undercut cliff-face.

13. In Sam's day it was called an undercut.

14. The Catholic Church was undercut.

15. Faults—Protruding, flat, or undercut hips;

16. Undercut may refer to:

17. Too bad the controls undercut that potential."

18. lobbying was used to undercut the anti-tobacco lobby.

19. The throat well undercut;

20. Airbus says it was "simply undercut in price".

21. Never have the undercut taken out...".

22. He's undercut at every turn.

23. Not to be confused with undercut, fret over binding.

24. Umbilical walls can be vertical or undercut.

25. It is often found among debris and undercut banks.

26. It is often found among debris and undercut banks.

27. To accomplish this, he undercut Ogden's prices.

28. undercut coastal shipping;

29. So that undercut a lot of the gossip and rumors.

30. plastic surgeon undercut the skin of her cheek.