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1 This is arguably the most educational of the four stories in this unconventional 'horror' anthology.
2 Nicked named Chun Chun, li won fans' hearts in the 2005 contest for her boyish style and unconventional personality.
3 It leads people to lionize the acting of making the bold decision to try something unconventional, but this decision, in the grand scheme of things, might not be that important.
4 They also venture into harsher climes and seek out unconventional sources of oil and gas that, in happier times, would be too costly to extract.
5 She makes her unconventional case in a new book, Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World (Penguin Press).
6 Though you may think most critters follow more unconventional family structures, plenty of adorable creatures are made even cuter by their dedication to their life partners.
7 Reporter: in % this, his latest movie, DiCaprio leads a 1 gang of 2 unconventional thieves who 3 infiltrate peoples' dreams and steal their thoughts.
8 Shale gas is an important unconventional source of natural gas.
9 Shale gas, as well as gas from other unconventional sources, will swell the ranks of gas producers.
10 There are also unconventional oil resources now being brought to the market, including shale oil from tar sands.
11 If you'd rather not give me money, you can also buy directly from the Unconventional Guides website.
12 Luhrmann specializes in creating mythological worlds and then heightening the viewer's experience of them with expert techniques and unconventional concepts.
13 appearances at Arab and international gatherings, standing out not just with his outlandish clothing, but also his blunt speeches and unconventional behaviour.
14 His effortless calligraphy has an unconventional grace of its own.
15 Much of the new gas is coming from what were once called "unconventional" sources, such as the gas shales of Texas, Utah and Wyoming.
16 The Thurston Wine House Addition carefully displays a respect for its context through its materiality and its tectonic language while expressing its unconventional program through its formal elements.
17 Roach's fear - and he is hardly alone in this - is that the cumulative effect of these "unconventional" measures will be a collapse of confidence in fiat money of all types: dollars, yen, euros.
18 It is typically the result of messy and unconventional interventions that range from public investment to subsidised credit, from domestic-content requirements to undervalued currencies.
19 Yet such unconventional measures make the conventionally minded uncomfortable, and they keep pushing for a return to normalcy.
20 a gloriously eccentric habit that some Shanghai locals have that somehow appeals to British people's love of the unconventional.
21 This can cause problems for those users with unconventional or new postal addresses because no list is returned for their postcode, or their particular address is not present in the list.
22 The Guinness World Records helped give me a new perspective on the impossible and instilled in me the desire to try something unconventional.
23 Guinness Book of World Records" helped give me new perspective on the impossible and instilled in me the desire to try something unconventional.
24 It included a line about the US accepting some risk in fights with superpowers in order to win asymmetric, unconventional conflicts.
25 In strong demand are technology and systems to counter and defeat an unconventional enemy using unconventional weapons such as electronically detonated improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
26 Such unconventional policy is far less controversial than in America, where it has sullied relations between the Federal Reserve and Republican politicians.
27 Another danger is that unconventional gas will push aside not just a swathe of coal-fired power stations, but promising renewables, too.
28 New energy finds, unconventional fuel sources and advanced technology are likely to ameliorate the long-prophesied energy catastrophe.
29 Now the shale boom is beginning to spread to Europe, which also boasts large reserves of unconventional gas.
30 Apply unconventional conjugations and parasynthesis (use odd tenses and variations). Sometimes a common word can be verbose if an unusual tense is applied.