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1 Although it remains unconfirmed whether Than Shwe has indeed taken the leap into civilian status, most veteran political observers said the news came as no surprise.
2 Demand for credit derivatives overwhelmed the existing, largely manual, dealer and market infrastructure, leading to a large backlog of unconfirmed trades.
3 There are unconfirmed reports of mass graves. Some say schools and stadiums have been turned into holding pens for protesters.
4 In addition, unconfirmed reports published by the several newspapers in the region are suggesting that construction of a conventionally powered carrier (CV) may have started.
5 Other reports of defections are unconfirmed.
6 There have been reports of port closures and talk of Qaddafi blowing up oil installations to "punish" his enemies, but those reports remain largely unconfirmed.
7 This discovery, which had until now been unconfirmed in the reptile world, means that "these lizards have a way of distinguishing sister from homologous chromosomes, " Baumann says.
8 unconfirmed reports that the country's chief nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, would be named foreign minister.
9 reasons of Renal Cyst occur still unconfirmed, may occur from congenital glomerular, renal tubular structure anomalies and postnatal damage infection.
10 On Monday unconfirmed reports surfaced of Syrian military units clashing with each other in Deraa when soldiers refused to open fire.
11 There were also unconfirmed reports of American B-2 "stealth" bombers hitting a major Libyan airfield.
12 One unconfirmed report even had the two generals on one visit bringing Sirajuddin Haqqani, one of the network's leaders, who is on America's most-wanted list.
13 Benson says that the steep metallicity gradient agrees with the long-standing but unconfirmed idea that spiral galaxies form their discs of stars from the inside out.
14 There are unconfirmed reports of mass graves.
15 Troops, police and volunteers have rescued more than 12, 359 people, but unconfirmed reports of more deaths abound, Teodoro said.
16 There are also unconfirmed reports of American and Egyptian special forces training rebels to use sophisticated anti-tank weapons covertly brought over from Egypt.
17 Days after the first unconfirmed report of his death, the opposition say they can now confirm that Khamis Gaddafi was killed.
18 Swiss food conglomerate nestle has also resurfaced as a potential counter-bidder to battle against Kraft, according to unconfirmed reports.
19 That could explain unconfirmed reports that government troops have begun to withdraw.
20 Western papers carried increasingly sensational but unconfirmed accountsof the reactor's condition, TASS reported that the fire was under control.
21 Troops, police and volunteers have rescued more than 12,359 people, but unconfirmed reports of more deaths abound, teodoro.
22 Release is currently unconfirmed but will be before Tuesday.
23 A: on the first question, I do not comment on the unconfirmed news.
24 this is true or not is unconfirmed.
25 The visit came after unconfirmed reports that parts of the Russian S300 anti-aircraft system had been found on a ship bound for Iran.
26 Unconfirmed reports say San Esteban is on the verge of bankruptcy and cannot afford the miners' wages.
27 Apparently there were unconfirmed reports of looting taking place but once our teams got down to the dockside they were able to see that there was some mistake.
28 -year-old father flew abroad for hospital treatment in March; there are unconfirmed reports that he has cancer.
29 Recent unconfirmed reports (1996) state that the partition has crumbled and the lakes are now mingled.
30 There is an unconfirmed detection of another planet in the epsilon Eri system, also a giant planet (although less massive at 0.1 Jupiter masses) in a very distant (40 AU) orbit.