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No. sentence
1 And although capital levels are better than before, the quality of the loans and securities that Banks hold is still unclear.
2 In parts of Southeast Asia, early experiments in paying landowners for preserving forest have been hampered because it is often unclear who owns, or controls, property.
3 But for most of the past century, lawyers and regulators have battled over how to apply those terms in new industries where the rules are unclear.
4 unclear who first invented the toilet: early contenders for the honor are the Scots and the Greeks.
5 These are trial schemes that have yet to start, and it is still unclear how they will differ in practice from the swap agreements already in place.
6 reason for this is a little unclear, but it's probably a combination of Confucian filial piety and the fact that the parents have sacrificed and done so much for their children.
7 These rogue Internet pharmacies are operated internationally, they have no registered business address and sell products that have an unknown or unclear origin.
8 Both are believed to have important roles in sea ice dynamics, but how important they are remains unclear.
9 In their youthful, angry, but idealistic way they are unclear how to do this, but this does not mean that their opinions don't count.
10 While the TARP may lift confidence, the timing and extent to which it boosts their capital will depend on the prices paid, which remain unclear.
11 The study focused on cats that were born deaf, so it is unclear if those with degenerative hearing would experience the same neurological shift.
12 Dunning cannot recall how much she paid for the Packard, and said it was unclear how many miles were on its in-line 8-cylinder engine.
13 is unclear whether any harm has been done: prices for chips continue to fall, innovation has not slowed down and AMD has increased its market share slightly in recent months.
14 Until now, it has been unclear what happens during a navel-gazing session.
15 likely that these and other countries have sought to secure supplies by buying wheat futures too, though the opacity of that market makes buyers' identities unclear.
16 will remain unclear is whether the Fed stays too cautious for too long.
17 is unclear how the stores procure the Apple merchandise.
18 It's unclear whether he dyed his hair then or now, but these days it is dark brown and he is much heavier.
19 It is unclear whether the local companies repaid the loans, said the consultant, who insisted on anonymity out of fear that he would lose business.
20 still unclear what the motive for this attack was.
21 is unclear how people will access content wirelessly off the tablet.
22 The truth is that we all have central values without any associated goals, goals without any associated values, and goal-value pairings that are really unclear and muddled.
23 That salmon would be farmed off the coast of Panama, and it's unclear how it would be labeled.
24 is unclear what options, if any, will be available for spontaneous purchases by pedestrians who do not want to buy a bag each time they shop at the LCBO.
25 So it's unclear whether this is an actual study, or a rumor.
26 However, it's still unclear if tobacco fumes actually take a toll on children's brains, or if something else is at play.
27 remains unclear how much of the blame will be shouldered by BP in the report, which will be released Wednesday.
28 We do not think this is a good idea, for then the relation between transactions and scenarios becomes unclear.
29 nuclear weapon States should take all necessary steps to avoid accidental or unauthorized launches of unclear weapons.
30 Given that UDDI is a standard and not a product, its improper use can lead to the establishment of duplicate service registries and overlapping, unclear ownerships.