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No. sentence
1 In case of errors the transaction can be rolled back leaving the database unchanged and the MQ message is sent back to the input queue.
2 Two countries, Georgia and Poland, bucked the trend of declining poverty, while in Lithuania, poverty was largely unchanged.
3 Wrapping — The existing application and its existing interface are attached, unchanged, to a gateway that provides one or more SOA interfaces.
4 All the examples in book use the core syntax, which we expect to remain unchanged going forward.
5 We insist on the policy of "letting a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend", and on handling contradictions among the people correctly. This will remain unchanged.
6 There is only one BlackBerry enterprise solution available to our customers around the world and it remains unchanged in all of the markets we operate in.
7 latest model of this car, whose exterior dimensions remain unchanged, gives much more passenger room.
8 Like other beers, Budweiser is known for its distinctive bottle and label, both of which remained largely unchanged since 1876.
9 Stoxx Europe 600 index (ST:STOXX600 271.72, -0.25, -0.09%) was roughly unchanged at 272.02.
10 They had the head and voice and bristles and body of swine but their minds remained unchanged as before, so they were penned there weeping.
11 Behind one hides a standard incandescent bulb, the familiar lighting technology that has gone largely unchanged since Thomas Edison invented it 132 years ago.
12 I heard the runnel with delight; I looked round me for some-thing beautiful and unexpected; but the still black pine-trees, the hollow glade, the munching ass, remained unchanged in figure.
13 Karzai's flowing cape and hat combo has remained unchanged since he was installed as President of Afghanistan nearly a decade ago.
14 In these new style ranges, we leave the foreground and background colors unchanged but set the font style to bold.
15 If the dollar falls, so do his earnings, but his Labour costs are unchanged.
16 Although there have been some new developments in mathematics, such as the proof of the famous four-color theorem, 1 the basic material has remained unchanged.
17 These reforms should have lowered the PPP adjustment, but the bank left it basically unchanged.
18 SSI solutions modify almost every area of kernel: process management, filesystem, memory management, scheduler, etc. Emulators simplify the deployment by letting the kernel processes run unchanged.
19 Thus, if the WKT coordinates are shown unchanged in the SVG output, all geometries would be upside down.
20 Indias central bank, the Reserve bank of India (RBI), has left its key interest rate unchanged at 8% in a surprise move.
21 While the DB2 connector stages remain unchanged in DataStage 8.5, the XML stages have been deprecated and replaced with the new XML stage.
22 But coalition commanders insist that their targeting policy and the rules of engagement are unchanged and that the sortie rate has been maintained.
23 By passing the interesting information to the endpoint inside a document, you can leave the endpoint definition unchanged across both major and minor upgrades to either side of the conversation.
24 Wallison shows that each time a CDS is traded, the "notional amount" increases, even though the amount of risk is unchanged.
25 While bite marks and other skin problems remained unchanged over this period, the prevalence of sunburn blisters significantly rose over time.
26 We have stated our policy on the RMB exchange rate on many occasions and this policy remains unchanged.
27 workweek was unchanged at 34.2 hours.
28 This method removes the need to manually copy the unchanged portions of the syntax tree.
29 Nature, in the common sense, refers to essences unchanged by man; space, the air, the river, the leaf.
30 In this example, the application remained unchanged.