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No. sentence
1 French seem oddly ambivalent about trying an ageing ex-president (he is 78) in uncertain health.
2 She is sick of uncertain income, no holiday pay and working by herself each day.
3 It goes against our intuition, but we have to learn to force ourselves to accept, understand and even embrace that we live in a complex, very messy, very uncertain world.
4 new programme apparently envisages a cumulative decline in GDP of about 8 per cent, though such forecasts are, of course, highly uncertain.
5 As uncertain as I was at first, I still took deep pride in the tender shoots that confidently sprang up and thrived because of my care, because of my nurturing.
6 Although previous studies have hinted orange juice may be good for the heart, scientists have been uncertain exactly what gives it its protective powers.
7 Rudeness is out, and civility is the new rule in an uncertain world.
8 It's still uncertain whether the College Spring Sports will be held this year.
9 He went to the couch and sank into it, uncertain what to do next.
10 Europe, prudence no longer consists in the art, defended by the ancients, of finding one's way within an uncertain story.
11 There are some destabilizing and uncertain elements in Central Asia. It is of great significance to maintaining the stability in the region for China and Kyrgyzstan to strengthen security cooperation.
12 If you're uncertain about the best use of space, hire an architect to help with the design.
13 Although the oil spill has not affected the global crude prices for the time being, it may lead to price increases in long term as it is still uncertain how serious the accident would be, he said.
14 The fossil lungfish is a new species, but a name cannot be given because of its uncertain origin.
15 Next time you're feeling stressed, or unhappy, or uncertain, remember my little secret mantra. Whisper in the privacy of your mind, "I am the luckiest person in the world."
16 However, experts are uncertain as to what constitutes an infective dose when it comes to influenza viruses.
17 price of carbon credits has also fallen, while plans to introduce national trading schemes, particularly in the US and Australia, remain uncertain.
18 President's extraordinarily thin base of popular support and uncertain relations with soft-liners militate against a pacted transition.
19 The outlook for both markets is uncertain.
20 But the mood of the anniversary meeting was sombre as the loss of life in the Myanmar cyclone and the China earthquake remained uncertain but certainly immense.
21 The formula was devised with men in mind but could equally apply to women, including those uncertain about whether to accept a proposal.
22 He describes this as "gracious uncertainty," where "we are uncertain of the next step, but we are certain of God."
23 Now uncertain, the professor responded, "Of course as I have already said.
24 In 1948 Niebuhr appeared on the cover of time magazine's 25th anniversary issue as an icon of faith in uncertain times.
25 But rows with the European Commission over state aid and restructuring plans make its future uncertain.
26 Economist Cyn Young Park, with the Asian Development Bank in Manila, says these are uncertain times for Asian investors as well those in the West.
27 But just how much autonomy Mr Gao has is uncertain.
28 Then, in an astonishing reversal of fortune inconceivable in the modern world but commonplace in those uncertain times, Babur gained an army.
29 I swapped this for an uncertain job on a magazine on less than half the salary.
30 The future is uncertain, and it is coming, whether we worry about them or not.