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No. sentence
1 Just as for the Christian human action is free yet part of a preordained plan, so for Marx the disintegration of capitalism will unavoidably lead men and women to sweep it away of their own free will.
2 This principle recognizes that a responsible journalist sometimes unavoidably will harm someone but requires her to make every effort to minimize that damage.
3 The conflict of the class interests results in the pitiless class-struggle that unavoidably leads to the victory of the most numerous and most wronged class, the proletariat.
4 Yes, the actual product is unavoidably, fundamentally grotesque if you look beneath its tasteful surface.
5 unavoidably academic misconducts because of the information asymmetry of two parties, the incompleteness of contract and the limited rationality of human beings.
6 In evaporating system design of large subcritical pressure natural circulation boiler sometime expensive rifled tube will be used unavoidably in part, so that the film boiling Can be avoided.
7 The transition from use cases and analysis classes to design and design classes was unavoidably blurry.
8 I felt stunned by the awful event; and my memory unavoidably recurred to former times with a sort of oppressive sadness.
9 My memory unavoidably recurred to former times with a sort of oppressive sadness.
10 But, however well he automated the process, his approach was unavoidably idiosyncratic: every developer who joined the project had to discover where the test scripts lived and how to invoke them.
11 In a word, the trained sagacity and untiring caution of himself were all he HAD to rely on, amid the critical risks he unavoidably ran.
12 Environmental problem is an economical thing in essence. Economic development must unavoidably result in disadvantageous effect on environment.
13 While serving as positive impact on social development of China, abolishment of agricultural tax will unavoidably cause come new problems.
14 humane trade doctrine is regarded as the tools of trade protection unavoidably by some countries, generally speaking, it reflects the main trends of the human society and international trade.
15 Have to be aware of the agony that you meet is life medium unavoidably of, mental state in expiation of is establishment at rational foundation on of.
16 Therefore, so long as is the polyp patient, besides strict inspection, but should also and treats thoroughly, otherwise has the recrudescence or the concurrent risk unavoidably.
17 Along with their service time increase, the bridge structure can appear unavoidably various weary and damage, which lead to malignant accident, huge economic loss and person injures.
18 Now, their very dissension unavoidably puts us upon a necessity of deliberating and, consequently, allows a liberty of choosing that which upon consideration we prefer.
19 But, unavoidably, taxes must also go up.
20 So a combat broke out unavoidably.
21 This makes climate studies highly dependent on models, which invariably and unavoidably make simplifying assumptions.
22 management of any undertakings and concerns unavoidably results in financial failure and poor service.
23 To correct old distortions, BEE unavoidably creates new ones.
24 The actual product is unavoidably grotesque.
25 This has both advantages and disadvantages to consumers who are unavoidably influenced, though the degrees vary from person to person.
26 Then, as you'll happily and unavoidably discover, all that "focus" business has a peculiar way of taking care of itself.
27 In the autumn wind, it unavoidably some she, however, it in with his own body and bleak autumn wind.
28 Accident of this sort does unavoidably occur in cross-country shipping.
29 Photos are unavoidably limited by the trade-off between depth of field, exposure time and image noise.
30 All is shifting and changing and many feel unavoidably brought along by this new movement.